15 ideas for the site “How to improve the site and get closer to the Clients”

What to do on the site to improve its efficiency and become closer to potential Clients? Take note of the new ideas from the ONVOLGA Internet Solutions and Technologies Center – make your site interesting, useful, loved by users and search engines.

Connect an online consultant.

Organize a newsletter.

Open new interesting and useful sections and services on the site.

Take a look at the site through the eyes of specialists and users – conduct an audit of the site.

Develop a plan to increase conversions.

Add interactive elements: calculators, tests, polls, games …

Submit your videos.

See if it’s time to redesign your site.

Submit reviews of your Company on the site: add scans of letters of thanks, photos of those who recommended, audio recordings.

Submit examples of your work. Use different formats: “Photo Gallery”, “Before and After”, “From Project to Implementation” …

Add infographics to your page. Convert long sheets of text into interesting picture materials.

We go west, we go east! Create language versions of the site.

Interact with social media. Use informers, Share buttons, authorization tools via social networks …

Expand the semantic core of the site. We select the requests that your potential Clients are looking for.

Turn your product catalog on your website into an online store with the ability to place an order.

We will help you come up with and implement all your plans.

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