19 Telegram channels about online advertising and analytics

Telegram channels have become a source of professional knowledge: we read them to find out about new products, learn new things and learn from the experience of colleagues. In this collection, we have collected channels about context, targeting and analytics, which we read ourselves and recommend to our readers. And we are waiting for links to your favorite channels in the comments.

contextual advertising

  • Address: @ppc_analytics

  • Number of subscribers: 17 700+

  • Update frequency: 1-3 records per day

  • Advertising publications: ~ 1 entry per week

One of the largest channels about contextual advertising in the Russian-speaking Telegram, it is run by contextual advertising specialist Tanya Mikhalchenko. It publishes daily collections with news, reviews, guides and case studies on Yandex.Direct, Google Ads and web analytics. The main format of posts is lists of headings of materials with links to external resources. In open discussions, experts share insights and advise each other on how to solve work problems.


  • Address: @webmagic

  • Number of subscribers: 5900+

  • Update frequency: 2-4 records per day

  • Advertising publications: 1-2 entries per week

Channel of advertising specialist Evgeniya Aliksiuk. It publishes contextual advertising and web analytics news, guides, tutorials and collections of materials with life hacks for PPC specialists. The announcements of courses and digital conferences are also published. Links to news and articles are often accompanied by the author’s comments, and the texts of the posts themselves are divided into blocks, the main thoughts are highlighted in bold. And serious content is periodically diluted with professional humor.

ppc.world – everything about paid traffic

  • Address: @worldppc

  • Number of subscribers: 3000+

  • Update frequency: ~ 7 entries per day

  • Advertising publications: ~ 2 posts per week

And this is our Telegram channel. We publish materials and news that appear on the site, talk about courses, special offers from partners and interesting events for specialists. Links to materials are accompanied by a short description that helps to understand what to expect from the article. Readers can leave comments on publications not only on the site, but also in the channel.

We also have an open chat for communication between PPC specialists, internet marketers and everyone who works in digital.

Yandex Advertising Technologies

  • Address: @YANtech

  • Number of subscribers: 14 600+

  • Update frequency: 5 entries per week

  • Sponsored publications: no

This is the official Yandex channel, where Yandex.Direct news is published, as well as case studies, notes about online marketing, research and training events announcements. We like this channel because all new items and useful materials are collected in one place.

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Google Ads with Poddubny

  • Address: @ omp88blog

  • Number of subscribers: 1600+

  • Update frequency: 1-3 entries per week

  • Advertising publications:> 1 per week

A weekly digest of the latest Google Analytics and Google Ads news is published on the channel. In addition to them, the author adds links to useful articles and materials on the topic in the post. Here you can find a selection of useful tools – templates, tables, formulas – and working life hacks from a practitioner. A separate plus of the channel is that publications are divided by headings.

Google Ads Scripts | chiliad

  • Address: @adwordsscripts

  • Number of subscribers: 5900+

  • Update frequency: 1-5 records per month

  • Sponsored publications: <1 per week

The author of the channel is Dmitry Tonkikh, an advertising specialist and head of his own company. He independently writes scripts for Google Ads, shares his and others’ good practices on his channel since 2017. Posts are released infrequently – you can easily scroll to the first message.

More than Target

  • Address: @armeloff_channel

  • Number of subscribers: 4000+

  • Update frequency: ~ 4 entries per week

  • Sponsored publications: no

The author Arkady Melnikov calls this channel his blog about targeted advertising on Instagram and Facebook. Here he shares his insights, case studies, and new tricks for working with Facebook Ads. Posts are written lively and without complex terms. And in the channel chat, subscribers exchange tips, share observations and discuss the latest updates.

Gutnik Oleg Facebook target

  • Address: @websstudio

  • Number of subscribers: 49 800+

  • Update frequency: 2 entries per day

  • Advertising publications: ~ 1 per week

Advertising specialist Oleg Gutnik’s channel about targeted advertising on Facebook and Instagram for professionals and business owners. It publishes articles, cases, author columns and details the latest Facebook Ads advertising updates. Here, the author of the channel uploads recordings of his master classes and live broadcasts about advertising, market trends and new tools.

The channel has its own subscribers chat, where members exchange experiences and look for contractors to promote.

Smart targeting specialist

  • Address: @target_nata

  • Number of subscribers: 33 700+

  • Update frequency: 3 entries per day

  • Promotional publications: ~ 4 per week

The author of this channel is Natalya, a specialist in targeted advertising. She maintains it as a blog about advertising on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Telegram: she talks about the specifics of the target and shares her own experience of promotion in cases and monthly reports. The channel also publishes tips on choosing advertising formats for specific tasks and a selection of free tools for creating creatives.

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Readers can ask Natalia questions or share their own experience of setting up targeted advertising using a chatbot. Look for feedback from the author in the posts using the hashtag # replies to subscribers.

myTarget Pro

  • Address: @mytarget_pro

  • Number of subscribers: 900+

  • Update frequency: 3 entries per week

  • Sponsored publications: no

The official myTarget channel contains the latest news about advertising products and technologies of the advertising platform. Here you can find ad guidelines and links to free conferences and webinars. Each post contains an announcement of the news or article to which the link is given. And under the posts with news, you can vote whether you like the update or not.

eLama: Everything About Online Advertising

  • Address: @eLama_russia

  • Number of subscribers: 1600+

  • Update frequency: 2 entries per day

  • Sponsored publications: no

And this is the official channel of the eLama service. It publishes links to materials that are published in the blog, and announces free webinars and lectures for specialists. The company also publishes on the channel information about new eLama products, bonuses and promotions for its customers.

School of the bearded web analyst

  • Address: @schoolWA

  • Number of subscribers: 7700+

  • Update frequency: 4 entries per week

  • Advertising publications: ~ 1 per week

The channel is hosted by web analyst Andrey Osipov. Here he shares non-obvious life hacks for working with Google Analytics and Yandex.Metrica and talks about new products, cases and solutions in web analytics. The channel also publishes materials from other authors on the topic. There are also announcements of specialized courses and conferences.

Yakov Osipenkov’s blog

  • Address: @clicksider

  • Number of subscribers: 1700+

  • Update frequency: ~ 5 entries per week

  • Advertising publications: ~ 1-2 per week

On his channel, Internet advertising and analytics specialist Yakov Osipenkov publishes links to training materials on the website, video tutorials on the YouTube channel, his own books, and update reviews. In addition, the author regularly publishes the top 5 popular articles on the site.

Google Ads Quiz

  • Address: @googleadsquiz

  • Number of subscribers: 1400+

  • Update frequency: ~ 2 entries per week

  • Sponsored publications: no

Here are short polls about the work of Google Ads tools that will help beginners quickly understand the features of using the service. Some questions are explained and analyzed in detail if 50% of the participants chose the wrong option. In addition, the author periodically publishes his own cases and shares his insights.

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  • Address: @directquiz

  • Number of subscribers: 700+

  • Update frequency: 3 entries per day

  • Sponsored publications: no

The channel publishes questions about advertising in Yandex.Direct and tools every day. There are no articles or news here – only polls. The interactive format will allow you to test your knowledge in a playful way and learn something new. And atypical questions will make you wonder how well you know about Direct advertising.

There are practically no detailed explanations to the questions and links to the corresponding sections in the help on the channel.

Advertising creatives

Zbc advertising

  • Address: @smmbest

  • Number of subscribers: 21 600+

  • Update frequency: 3 entries per week

  • Promotional publications: 0-1 per week

On the channel, Semyon Efimov, a Grow Food marketing specialist and author of the Russian Marketing channel, posts successful creatives and analyzes unusual advertising formats. The examples are accompanied by explanations and comments. On the channel, you can find references for creating ads – we recommend subscribing and catching inspiration!

Advertiser from God

  • Address: @Digitalmrktng

  • Number of subscribers: 29 000+

  • Update frequency: ~ 2 entries per day

  • Advertising publications: 1 entry per week

Here you can find the best commercial and social advertising creatives with explanatory captions. We recommend for viewing to all digital specialists – come in and be inspired by good advertising.

What are you promoting to me?

  • Address: @honestmarketing

  • Number of subscribers: 17 800+

  • Update frequency: ~ 2 entries per day

  • Advertising publications: 0-1 entry per week

On the channel, the author publishes unusual examples of advertising and search queries, and also humorously comments on system bugs and unsuccessful creatives. In addition, the channel contains news, summaries of advertising updates, and links to useful materials and services for PPC professionals, marketers and designers.

Drunk Targetologist

  • Address: @drunktargetolog

  • Number of subscribers: 2 300+

  • Update frequency: ~ 3 entries per week

  • Sponsored publications: no

The channel contains advertising anti-cases – the most awkward and absurd creatives. We recommend that you subscribe to laugh and remember exactly how not to do it.

Read Telegram channels, communicate with colleagues and develop. And in the comments to the article, tell us about your favorite channels.

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