30 Valentine’s Day Playlists That Will Warm Your Heart


Valentine’s Day is not only about falling in love, chocolate and teddy bears. It is about everything you want. Light candles, scatter rose petals (a joke, of course, but it’s up to you!) And get ready for a romantic journey on a musical wave with your loved ones, friends, cat or just yourself. On this day, no one should be left without music – that is why we have compiled a musical selection in which everyone will find something of their own.

Valentine's day playlists

This article is a selection of playlists from 4 major streaming platforms. Get inspired by the hits and create your content in the same style. Or just turn on any of these playlists for your mood.

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Valentine’s Spotify Playlists

This collection is for everyone who listens to music on Spotify. Putting together a playlist is not easy, especially when there is not much time. But there is no reason to be sad, Spotify already has everything you need. Play these tracks if you want to create a romantic mood for yourself or just dance.

Valentine’s Day – Love Playlist

Some people think that the ideal way to confess your love is to dedicate a song to your loved one. And if there is no voice or hearing? Nothing wrong. It seems that pop singers have already sung all the words of love in the world! So just find the song that best expresses your feelings and it’s a ready-made gift. Get inspired by the hits of Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus and Selena Gomez.

Love ballads

The tickling sense of nostalgia from old movie soundtracks is hard to explain. But this is definitely something nice. This playlist features some of the favorites from the movies performed by Celine Dion, Air Supply, Joe Cocker and more.

House Lounge

This compilation of house music is for those who are tired of the romantic madness of Valentine’s Day and just want to listen to the pleasant and neutral, cooking dinner, chatting with friends, just relaxing in the hot tub or on the cozy couch.

Dance party

Tired of sweet pop music? The name of this playlist speaks for itself. Pour yourself a glass, start dancing – feel the vibe of real modern techno and electronics! This evening will feature the beat of Disclosure, Purple Disco Machine, Rhye, WEISS and Hayden James.

Perfect jam

Do you like crazy dancing, but not so much modern electronic music? Spotify has gone to great lengths to put the legendary funk tracks into a groovy mix. Catch rhythm and beat together with Michael Jackson, Aretha Fraklin, James Brown and Earth, Wind & Fire.

Indie chillout

Do you want music for relaxation, but do not want to stage what you have heard a thousand times already? Spotify recommends tracks from Tame Impala, Khruangbin, Blood Orange, Robyn, Bon Iver and Chromatics – the best indie music on the perfect indie list. Even if you are an avid music lover and, it seems, have already listened to everything, you will definitely find something new in this 5-hour selection.

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Apple Music Playlists for Valentine’s Day

If you are more comfortable listening to music on Apple Music, these playlists are for you. Here are the sweetest hits that will warm your heart and make it beat faster.

Love lyrics

“It’s like you’re my mirror,” sings Justin Timberlake, and John Legend advises to dissolve into your loved ones to the utmost. Fasten your velvet belts urgently and eat some chocolate candy for a frenzied romantic tornado.

Pure romance

No time to put together the perfect playlist of top love hits? Apple Music already has everything. On this ideal list are the romantic supertracks of Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Maroon 5, Frank Ocean, Miguel and Usher. Do you also think that these hits will never become outdated?

Eternal love songs

Songs performed by Frank Sinatra, The Beach Boys, Neil Diamond and Louis Armstrong are simply unforgettable – and simply the best Valentine’s Day soundtrack for those who love to be nostalgic. Turn on this playlist, close your eyes and feel the energy of love that these timeless hits are filled with!

Old hits in a new performance

If you love good covers, this playlist is a godsend. It is a collection of famous hits – from “Son of a Preacher Man” and “Take on Me” to “Dancing in the Dark” – performed by other incredibly talented musicians. Sounds incredible.

Soul classics

If you are a fan of soul music, then this playlist will definitely appeal to you. You will definitely want to dance to the sounds of drums and saxophone! On this list are the cream of soul: The Temptations, Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder.

Soul playlist

Even more vibe, even cooler rhythm – let your heart beat in unison with the best love songs from this playlist with hits from R’n’B and rap artists. The incredible voices of The Internet, Teyana Taylor and Jhené Aiko will rock the atmosphere, and then Rihanna, Lil Wayne and Ciara will burst into it.

YouTube Music Playlists for Valentine’s Day

It somehow miraculously happened, YouTube has literally everything you want to listen to. If you don’t find something on Spotify or Deezer, it will definitely be on YouTube – just type in the name. And, of course, there are tons of playlists for a romantic evening or just relaxation.

Relaxed soul

If you are planning to have a spa for your ears, this playlist is the best fit for this venture. It contains hits from cult performers Commodores, Bill Withers, Sam Cooke and Curtis Mayfield. And Bobby Womack concludes this incredible soul concert.

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Pop music that inspires

Inhale, exhale, inhale. Not all songs in this collection come with the hashtag “romance”, but the fact that they are as sensual as possible is a fact. On Valentine’s Day, this is what you need. Include this compilation charged with love with the voices of Billie Eilish, Sam Smith, Keane and BANKS.

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Ambient bass

Anyone who thinks that songs on Valentine’s Day should only be sweet-pop, are greatly mistaken. Here’s proof – a great playlist with tracks from Bonobo, Tycho, Helios, Maribou State, Nosaj Thing and other flamboyant non-pop artists.

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Classic indie rock

Indie fans, unite! This playlist has everything you need – Muse, Foals, Pixies and Kasabian. What else is there to add?

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Funky party

If you are planning a disco party or just decided to dance in your pajamas, here is a ready-made 4-hour playlist for this venture. Familiar hits and fresh tracks from Toro Y Moi, Kraak & Smaak, Breakbot and L’Impératrice energize from the very first notes. And if no parties are planned – also not scary, let it be just for the mood.

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Timeless classics

Classical music has an incredible property: you listen to it, and it seems like the whole world. So here’s a list of classics for all time – and for Valentine’s Day too.

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Deezer-Playlists for Valentine’s Day

Well, Deezer users, jump onto our Romance train. This platform also has an impressive series of playlists with the maximum concentration of love, tenderness and butterflies.

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Roses, chocolates, candles and the perfect mix of R’n’B, soul and pop from Alice, the Mood Editor at Deezer. Here are the guys to keep you company tonight: The Weeknd, HER, Jorja Smith, Sevdaliza, Majid Jordan and others.

Soul for relaxation

This playlist was compiled by Yannick – Deezer’s Soul & Funk editor. And it seems that everything that matters is collected here: Al Green, Mac Demarco, Khruangbin and Khalid. If you want to arrange yourself a truly relaxed evening, there is simply no better selection.

Pop music for the bedroom

For every romantic – this is something different. But it’s hard to find someone whose heart won’t melt listening to this compilation from Adam, Editor of Deezer. I want to listen and hug, hug and listen.

Rock ballads about love

Those who really love rock will love this compilation from Rod, Deezer’s rock editor. This list includes Metallica, Bon Jovi, Coldplay, Queen, Ramones and other legendary bands with disruptive hits.

Closer, closer

“A cozy playlist for cats in love,” is how Adam, alternative and indie music editor for Deezer, described the playlist. It’s hard to argue. In all the most important already: The XX, Lana Del Rey (Lana Del Rey), Arctic Monkeys, Chromatics, The 1975 and Rhye. Adam is incredibly cool combining classics and new hits – and it’s especially nice to see The Cure and The Temper Trap on the same list. So far, this is our top favorite at Deezer.

Perfect vocals

This playlist features top hits from Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and Halsey, plus classics from Hooverphonic, Elton John, Cyndi Lauper and the Bee Gees. If you have no idea how they might sound together, include this playlist. And sing along, of course.

Bonus Valentine’s Spotify Playlists

We are sure that Valentine’s Day is a great occasion to mentally hug yourself once again and do something nice for yourself. Grab a glass of wine, sit back and play a good playlist of songs that delight, relax, or just remind you of good things. If you already have favorite artists, include their songs. Music is something very personal, and everyone has their own.

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We also have favorite playlists, and I really want to share them. So – 5 playlists we love to listen to for Valentine’s Day and more.

Psychedelic soul

This playlist has it all – and more. Firstly, because it is just huge (almost 600 songs, and we think that this is not the limit!). Secondly, because there are quite a few and not very popular performers in it. And this is quite justified for a playlist called “Psychedelic Soul”. To the incredible tracks Cymande, Skin shape, Connan Mockasin and Yellow Days, you want to dance, drink wine or just lie with your eyes closed.

French indie

Hello to all lovers of French and music. It is impossible to calculate how many times this playlist saved us from sadness! This collection contains songs by cool contemporary artists, including L’Impératrice, Kid Francescoli and La Femme. There are more than 300 songs here – and you will definitely find the one you fall in love with.

Jazz vibe

Don’t be intimidated by the title of this playlist – John Coltrane is not here. If you compare this playlist with something else, but also musical, you might remember YouTube Lofi hip hop radio from ChilledCow. This 350-track playlist has the potential to be the source of the very music that will help you relax – thinking only about music and nothing else.

Fanatic Official Playlist

This isn’t your typical Valentine’s Day playlist with Mariah Carey and Harry Styles, but it’s just perfect if you want something new. It would be nice to watch at least one episode of the series “Fanatic” before breaking into this playlist, but it will win your heart anyway. Who’s on the list? Musical geniuses of course are Fleetwood Mac, Wings, Darondo and Frank Zappa.

Sounds of my soul

This playlist was born on one not very cheerful evening – and gathered all the tenderness, but without excesses. There is no Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift – this collection is more for Otis Redding, Commodores and Moby fans. Of course, all this is not particularly modern, but honestly.

Fun without end

The principle of collecting this and the previous playlists is very similar, but the atmosphere is different. If the first one is more about romantic tunes, then this one is about energy. The list includes The Who, Pompeya, Chuck Berry, The Lovin ‘Spoonful, DeBarge and many more.

Final notes

Making this collection of playlists was awesome for you! We were so inspired that we are ready to expand the list. Recommend your playlists to us – and generally tell us what kind of music you listen to. Let’s listen to it together. On Valentine’s Day and more! ❤️

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