5 ways to improve your online chat performance on your website

Using the Jivosite as an example, we will consider today how to improve the efficiency of an online chat using its customization options. We will not touch on the human factor (reaction time, communication) today (if you are interested, you can also read our articles, for example, “Online consultant for the site”).

1. Active invitations

Working active invitations of an online consultant help the user to understand that the chat tag hangs on the site for a reason and the operator is there, ready for questions, and in general for communication. The Jivosite settings allow you to set the time when the active message appears and its text. Thus, you have an additional opportunity to personalize communication, an individual approach to communication on the site begins to build. Separately, it is worth working out the greeting text. Think about what your potential and real Clients focus on, how you can “hook” them, surprise, please.

2. Customized chat texts for site pages

There are situations when the invitation text fits perfectly into the context of one page of the site and looks unconvincing on another. Solves this problem by displaying different text of the active invitation on different pages of the site. The beginning of your communication with the visitor is based on the content of the page and becomes more effective. Jivosite has two ways to implement this kind of output:

By adding rules

The method works great when you need to set a general chat invitation for the entire site and unique only for some pages.

1) In the Control Panel, go to Site Settings> Automatic Actions section. Check the settings for the “Active invitation to dialogue” action.

The automatic action itself must be active and each of the conditions must be fulfilled: The presence of the operator online – “Yes”, the time is indicated on the page (required!).

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2) Add a new action with similar settings, but set the time on the page to 1 second less than in the main action. Then we add an additional condition “URL of the current page contains” with a link to the page for which we set up a separate greeting:

Setting up an active invitation

API configuration

It is used when it is necessary to install a special greeting on a sufficiently large number of site pages, and also, if necessary, specify conditions in the greeting text. To do this, using the JSON structure, you generate an automatic action code and insert it into the body of the page.

3. “Regions” function

The customization is especially useful for companies with offices in different geographic areas. The user is always pleased to know that he can buy a product or receive a service “not for three nine lands”.

The “Regions” function allows you to automatically locate a site visitor by IP address and direct him to the nearest branch. For each region, you can assign a separate operator and set individual settings for the online consultant, including design, lettering, active invitations, etc. You can also track statistics separately for each region.

Connecting the function is simple: in the admin panel, click the “Settings” button in the “Sites” section and activate the “Regions” function. The main site will become the default region. This will include all visitors who are not included in any of the additional regions. The number of additional regions created is determined by the number of representative offices of your company.

Enabling the Regions function

Region selection

After enabling the “Regions” function, an online consultant code will be generated on the page. It will need to be installed instead of the one previously posted on your site.

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4. Omnichannel

Using omnichannel allows you to conduct a dialogue through the application of an online consultant not only on the website, but also in social networks, instant messengers and other communication channels. In particular, JivoSite supports integration with Vkontakte, Facebook, Odnoklassniki, Telegram, Viber, email messages of any mail service. The advantages of this approach are obvious: all calls are collected in one channel, and the operator does not have to switch between several interfaces.

Omnichannel settings

Jivosite has separate instructions for connecting each channel, we will not provide them in full in this article. Let’s note the main features of the connection:

  • Messages via the Vkontakte channel are messages from users to the connected Vkontakte group. Before connecting, you must check the administrator rights for the group.
  • To integrate with Telegram, you need to create your own bot, which users will actually write to.
  • When integrating with Viber, it is possible to connect public accounts (also through creating a bot).

By integrating the most popular social networks and communication channels among your customers with the online consultant application, you will save the user from the need to perform additional steps in order to get advice here and now.

5. Chat in Yandex search results

New in 2018 – the integration of chat into search results using the Yandex Dialogues platform. The functionality allows you to communicate with customers even before they enter the site – right from the search results. The “Start Chat” button is displayed right below the link to the site. Not bad, isn’t it?

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Chat in Yandex search results

To add a chat to the search results, you need to make settings both on the side of the online consultant and on the side of the Yandex.Dialogi service. Initially, in the Jivosite settings in the “Management” section, create a new Yandex channel and copy the chat ID. Then create a new chat in Yandex.Dialogues (Chat for Business).

Jivosite: creating a channel in Yandex

In the main chat settings, specify the site address for verifying the rights to use the brand (your site address), channel ID, provider (Jivosite) and page addresses for which the chat will be displayed in the search results. In the advanced settings, you can specify the name of the company and the name of the dialogue, load the chat icon, post a welcome message, specify the work message – all by analogy with the functionality of a standard consultant.

However, there is a very nice “trick” – sajesta. These are buttons that allow the user to ask a question with one click. Submit some of the most popular questions about your company or product / service. After the user clicks on the button, the operator will receive a corresponding question in the chat.

If all the settings are entered correctly, the button “For moderation” becomes active. Click on it and expect the chat to appear in the search results in an hour on average.

Attention! Yandex periodically checks the work of chat operators in search results. It looks like a regular chat message and from the text you will immediately understand that it is Yandex). In response to it, send a message with the specified text.

By the way, the average response time of an operator is also displayed in the search results, so it should still be given special attention.

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