7 reasons to learn to work with online advertising right now

People are much more alarmed by the crisis than by the pandemic. So, according to the Kantar study, only 38% of Russians are worried about their health, the rest are worried about the worsening financial situation. And this is quite justified: entire industries have suspended work, the crisis has hit the labor market, some specialists have already been laid off, others expect a similar scenario for themselves.

In this situation, it is important to be flexible, to adapt to the circumstances and needs of business and economy. The surest way not to be left behind is to learn something new and in demand. We have collected the main reasons why you should study online advertising now.

After the crisis, business will revive, it will need advertising

Nowadays, many companies are cutting their advertising budgets or completely freezing their promotion. So, CMS Magazine surveyed 236 respondents from digital agencies, more than half reported a temporary freeze of some client projects, 38% of respondents had customers who started to cut their budget.

But after the crisis, the situation will change. The business will need to recover, attract new customers, bring back old ones and cope with competition. To do this, they need advertising and specialists who have the necessary skills in promotion and can help to regain momentum.

Those who work with different tools will benefit

Downsizing is a sad trend in the labor market. Employers are now forced to optimize costs, freeze development and lay off employees. The crisis scenario for the development of Runet in 2020, which is preferred in the RAEC report, presupposes, among other things, staff reduction.

According to HR experts, in such a situation, businesses will need digital specialists who can close several areas at once: contextual and targeted advertising, analytics. This also applies to managerial positions: it is important that the leader can back up the team if necessary. Especially relevant will be “multi-armed” specialists for small and medium-sized businesses – this will help them to reduce the time and money on the search for contractors or colleagues.

Unfortunately, finding a job for those who have already been laid off will be more difficult with their current skills than before the crisis. The best solution would be to enter the labor market with relevant knowledge and new skills. The fact that they were not taken aback and began to improve their qualifications will increase the value in the eyes of the employer.

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If you work with contextual advertising or analytics, but can’t target, it’s time to learn. Even staying in the same workplace, you can expand your area of ​​responsibility.

One way to start growing as a targeted advertising specialist is to enroll in our Facebook Ads course. After completing it, you can independently launch ads on Facebook and Instagram, analyze the results and optimize campaigns.

Business will need not theoreticians, but practitioners

When it comes to business recovery after a severe crisis, there will be no time and resources for practical training of an employee. The company will need someone who already knows how to do everything with their hands, and not just in words. It will also be important to have a portfolio with successful cases. This is confirmed by HR specialists, claiming that they will be much more careful in selecting employees.

Therefore, the sooner you start learning and applying knowledge in practice, the more experience and cases you will get by the time advertisers need your services.


There are growing industries that need advertising even now

One cannot discount the fact that some industries are stable in the current situation or even show growth. For example, a study from the Havas Village media group shows an increase in demand in such topics as online games and movies, goods for repairs and creativity, refrigerators and freezers, board games, food delivery, etc.

These businesses continue to invest in advertising, and some even increase budgets and staff.

More earning opportunities

An online advertiser does not need to work in an office or with just one client. Also, it is not limited to the city: from the regional center, you can advertise for a capital or foreign company.

The more skills a specialist has, the more in demand he will be. The ability to work with different channels and advertising systems – Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, VKontakte, Facebook Ads, myTarget – will allow you to offer customers more promotion options, find customers faster and, of course, earn more.

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Read about how marketers work on freelance, find clients, organize workflow and increase income in our special project.

Knowledge is the best investment

In the past few months, we have seen how volatile securities, oil, exchange rates can be. Savings are far from always able to give confidence in the future, money can depreciate, and prices can soar, as they did in previous crises.

The demanded profession of a digital specialist will allow you to claim a decent wage, this is an asset that will always work for you and will never depreciate.

There is time for learning

Unfortunately, now plans for summer vacations have to be revised and canceled. Most likely, you will not be able to travel abroad for the whole next year, and even getting to Crimea or Sochi will be problematic.

No one knows for sure how long the pandemic will last and recommendations to refrain from travel will be in force. In our opinion, it is better to spend the free time in the summer on training. No one will be able to break such a plan for sure, since you can learn how to set up advertising online, observing all security measures. All our courses – both free and paid – can be taken directly from home.

What prevents you from starting training

Better to wait and not invest anywhere“. Waiting in times of crisis is a bad idea. You can wait for the reduction, the moment when the savings will end, and then it will be too late to act and rebuild – there will be neither money nor time. The sooner you start mastering the profession of a PPC specialist and try to run campaigns yourself, the more chances you have to quickly find a new job in the event of force majeure.

Money is needed for food, not training“. Of course, if you only have enough funds for essential goods, it is difficult to budget for training. But if you have savings, you shouldn’t endlessly put them in a piggy bank. You can already invest part of your savings in training, which will allow you to receive a good salary, and not make plans on how to extend the deferred amount for three months in the event of a reduction. In addition, in the wake of the crisis, many online courses have fallen in price, and you can master a new profession at an affordable price.

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There is no certainty that it will be in demand“. Of course, competition in the labor market will be high. The publication “Kommersant” published the data of the International Labor Organization (ILO), according to which 25 million people can lose their jobs worldwide. All specialists who have been laid off will enter the labor market, this also applies to the digital industry.

It takes hands-on experience to compete… Theorists will really have a hard time, and practitioners who have worked with different advertising channels will always be in demand, especially during the recovery period.

I don’t know anything about advertising, I don’t understand if I will succeed“. People of different professions and ages come to Internet marketing, many of them are successfully trained. For information on what skills you need to get started with online advertising, read our material on internships in agencies. Note that in our courses, the curators check homework and, together with the speakers, answer all questions that are full of students.

Learning online is difficult“. And this is understandable: difficulties with discipline and self-organization, distractions at home and difficulties with concentration. But many have now managed to reorganize to work from home: circumstances forced them to quickly respond to changes and adjust. It turned out with remote work – it will work with online training.

In addition, there are pluses in such training: you can complete tasks at a convenient time and in a comfortable home environment. And the well-thought-out program of our courses and supervision allows you to maintain discipline and sets the right pace of learning.

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Don’t be afraid to learn new things, invest in training and become a sought-after PPC specialist.

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