8 ways to save money on contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct

The author of the article: Svetlana Ignatieva,
specialist in contextual advertising company SEO.RU

Correctly specify the “Display region” in the settings

If it is economically impractical for your company to deliver goods across Russia, you do not need to set Russia and even more so the CIS in the Display Region setting. Specify the most accurate display region: if the company operates in Samara, then the display region is Samara. Otherwise, you will spend part of your budget on non-converting impressions and clicks.

Display region

Precisely define the “Display time” setting

At night, rarely does anyone make purchases and order services. Another thing is an online store that operates in different time zones throughout Russia. In this case, it makes sense to set a round-the-clock display. Otherwise, exclude the night hours from the time targeting settings:

Temporary targeting

Choose not the highest CPC bid

Now in Yandex.Direct the rate is assigned based on the received traffic volume. Approximately 75% to 100% reach is shown above search results, the ad will be less effective under organic search results. Everyone wants to be at the top and get the first attention from users, but 100% coverage is usually the highest bid. Therefore, in order to be above the search results and not overpay, you can set a bid to buy 80% of the traffic volume:

Bid per click

Adjust rates for weekends and holidays

Reducing the cost per click on weekends by 50% can also save you a lot. In this case, the percentage is calculated based on monitoring prices on weekends.

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Weekend and Holidays Rates

Exclude non-target audience

You can also turn off impressions in bid adjustments, for example, to users under 18 by lowering the bid to -100%. Or by creating a segment in Yandex.Metrica, for example, for users who had a 100% rejection on the site, and no longer show them ads.

Bid adjustments by audience

Add negative keywords

Analyze ad campaign statistics on a regular basis and add non-targeted search queries to negative keywords:

minus phrases

This will allow you not to spend your budget on impressions and clicks to users who are not interested in buying your products or services.

Exclude inappropriate advertising sites in YAN

In YAN, you can immediately exclude mobile applications (as a rule, their address begins with com or ru), as well as all non-target sites for which ads receive a high percentage of abandonment and low time on the site:

Non-target advertising sites in YAN

Create ads that are most relevant to keywords

Pay attention to how relevant the ad is to the keyword: the higher the relevance, the lower the cost. If the keyword is not included in the headline and text of your ads, your CPC can be several times higher than the relevant ad’s. But you need to put the keys without fanaticism: the ad should be attractive to the user and at the same time not contain an incoherent set of keywords.

You may have to take the time to manually trigger these settings, but that will give you back in saved money for really effective PPC advertising.

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