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Why can’t I see my ad in search results ?!

In 90% of cases, this question arises from a client who decided to drive a request and see what place his ad takes. The remaining 10% will be left to advertising specialists: it happens that they do not have an understanding of this problem either.

I note right away that there is nothing wrong if you do not see yourself next to competitors at a certain moment, since there is a logical explanation for everything. If you nevertheless asked this question and did not receive a clear answer from a specialist, then you should contact support and check the quality of the work performed.

Let’s take a look at the main reasons why you might not find your ad on search.

Display mode

Yandex.Direct has a “distributed” mode of displaying ads, similar to it in Google Ads – “uniform”.

If the advertising budget is not enough for the whole day, then the system itself makes a decision on the participation of the ad in the auction for each specific user request. Thus, it is normal not to see an ad. The lack of a budget can be associated with many things: an initially underestimated media plan, an increase in demand, an expansion of an advertising campaign, etc.

This reason can be eliminated by selecting “standard” mode in Yandex.Direct or “accelerated” mode in Google Ads. In this case, the ads will participate in the auction for each user request.

But running out of budget isn’t going anywhere when you change the settings. If earlier the system did not show your site for four hours during the whole day, now it will stop campaigns at 20:00 and turn it on only the next day.

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note: On October 1, 2019, Google Ads will start switching campaigns from Accelerated to Uniform Display, Yandex has no plans to make any changes yet.

Targeting settings

Ads are served, but not to you, because you are not targeted by a targeting audience such as age, gender, device, or remarketing terms. If you do not use special tools for viewing and diagnosing advertisements to view the results of ad delivery (you can set the necessary targeting conditions in them) or do not adjust the search engine settings, then you will be subject to all these adjustments.

Bid adjustments in Yandex.Direct

Setting ad display times

Perhaps you enter a request outside of business hours, and the specialist has configured the display only from Monday to Friday, from 9 to 18. Perhaps the specialist created a campaign by copying it from another one with a certain display mode and forgot to change the setting. Be sure to check this version if the first two didn’t fit.

Show time


It’s trite – you say. Everyone checks out new campaigns after uploading. But often a specialist forgets that an automatic check is followed by a manual one, the results of which can change everything. In addition, after making any changes to the campaign, the ads again go to moderation.

Rejected ads


If in Google Ads, after the end of moderation, it takes several minutes for ads to appear, then in Yandex.Direct there is an activation process that takes up to three hours. But it happens that it takes longer. You will not see your ads during this time.

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Activating campaigns

“Approved with restrictions”

This is one of the possible results of moderation in Google Ads. It is easier to miss than ad rejection, but the essence remains the same – ads do not participate in the auction and do not appear in SERPs. Most often, this status is received by advertising of medical topics, cosmetics and other goods that require additional documents to be displayed on the territory of the Russian Federation.


Invalid region in search engine settings

Yandex and Google automatically detect your location. If, for example, you went on a business trip to another city that is not included in the geotargeting settings of the RK, then you need to take this into account before deciding to check the visibility of creatives.

Region in settings

Status “Few impressions” in Yandex.Direct and “Few requests” in Google Ads

This status does not appear immediately after the launch of ads, so you need to periodically check and adjust ad groups to avoid stopping impressions for low-frequency requests. The mistake is very common, as most of the old-school specialists create a bundle “one ad group – one request”, which is no longer suitable for all advertising campaigns.

Stopping advertising on errors on the site

To avoid displaying ads during problems with the site, experts set up monitoring through various automation systems or scripts. The system checks the health of the landing pages in the ads and disables it if an error occurs. But not all systems can activate them, after fixing the error, limited to notification by mail. You need to be careful about these settings.

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Everybody has errors that can lead to stopping of individual ads, campaigns or the entire ad account. The main thing is to quickly respond to them and not to allow a decrease in efficiency, and for this you need to know where to look first.

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