A Year as One Long Challenge: A Checklist of Everything That Happened to Us in 2020


Usually the end of December inspires reflection and debriefing. This is the very time when we look back. It is on these days that many of us share our achievements of the year on social networks.

But let’s face it: 2020 wasn’t quite normal (more precisely, completely abnormal!) Reflections about what happened can provoke a flurry of negative emotions, and the question of progress this year is controversial for many.

However, this year has been special. Never before has the outgoing year left us with so many shared experiences, feelings, memories and hopes.

This idea was embodied in the idea of ​​a festive checklist.

We’ve tried our best to keep it positive so that you can reflect on 2020 with a sense of gratitude and a smile on your face.

Let’s read and remember! # crellobingo2020


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