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The long holiday weekend kicks off tomorrow. And in case you get bored of work or want to start 2020 with training, we have collected popular materials and lectures of 2019. Read, watch – stay in shape and learn new things!

Bid scenarios for keywords and campaigns without accumulated statistics

At conferences and in articles, there are cases on optimization of advertising campaigns from the category “it was bad, but it became good”, “there was CPO X, but it became X / 2”. In these cases, speakers and specialists, as a rule, operate with cases, when statistics have already been collected, CR is known, and micro conversions are performed. But what if the advertiser has never launched an advertisement or a new direction is opening? How, then, can you set optimal bids in terms of business performance? This will be discussed in the material from the K50 optimization service team.

How Google Ads audience targeting actually works

This article is about the features and benefits of Google Audience Targeting. Elena Chervonets examines the criteria by which Google collects users in an audience, on which platforms you can use audience targeting, and in what cases it works best.

Optimization of search advertising in Yandex.Direct: three strategies

An ad campaign rarely starts showing stunning results immediately after launch. At the start, you build hypotheses. Some are confirmed, some are not. It is important to weed out ineffective ones in time and tweak effective RCs. This process is called optimization. Its essence is in increasing its financial return by reducing CPA and increasing the number of conversions. Artem Artmov from Webcanape explains what are the features of optimizing Yandex.Direct search campaigns and how to increase their effectiveness.

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Getting ready for changes in how Google Ads match types work in 2020

In 2020, Google plans to release changes in the work of two types of correspondence for the Russian language: a broad modifier and a phrase. The broad match modifier will no longer be as precise as it is now. And the phrasal match will cease to be phrasal, since the system will also begin to select words that have close meanings to the original ones. Read more about the changes and preparations for them in the article by Nikita Kravchenko from eLama.

Separating incoming traffic by source to create retargeting audiences on Facebook Ads

This material is from a special project with the conference “Severe St. Petersburg SMM”. In it, Pavel Goncharov explains how to collect site visitors on Facebook in an audience for retargeting on Facebook Ads according to the source that brought them. To do this, you need to do some magic with the pixel.

Scaling advertising campaigns on VKontakte

Scaling campaigns is necessary when you are going to enter markets in other regions or maximize your advertising in the current region. It is relevant both for large federal brands and for small, but ambitious ones in a particular region. And it is especially necessary in highly competitive topics and niches. How to scale advertising campaigns on VKontakte – see the article by Yuri Brilkov.

How to reach hot audiences with contextual targeting

Contextual targeting in myTarget is suitable for reaching and working with an audience that has already formed a demand and that has moved from the classic search for goods and services to choosing more convenient sources of information – social networks and marketplaces. How to set it up – read the lecture notes by Olga Chvanova, a leading myTarget expert.

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How to measure the contribution of each traffic source to conversions using Google Analytics

Often times, marketers analyze ads using the default attribution model in the analytics system. Kirill Kharkiv, a contextual advertising specialist at Aberix, explains why it is wrong and how to do it in order to correctly assess the effectiveness of each channel and source.

What metrics to look at to understand that your ad is working

It is not enough to launch advertising, you must also understand how good it is. Ekaterina Yanovich from the iConText agency explains what metrics in contractors’ reports can be used to judge the effectiveness of the promotion and the quality of the traffic attracted.

How to go freelance, stay alive and do a little bit: personal experience

This was the first material in a freelance special project that we started with the eLama service. SEO specialist Nikolai Tikhvinsky told how he went to freelance, why he returned to the office and what needs to be done to make freelancing comfortable and profitable.

Here are some more texts from the special project:

How to create the perfect landing page: structure, content and images

The goal of a landing page is to simplify the user’s journey to make a conversion. There is no universal formula for its creation, but there are recommendations that can be applied selectively, focusing on the topic of the business. They were formulated by Denis Fedorov, a specialist in Internet promotion.

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Introductory lecture: features of advertising in Yandex.Direct

Workshop: Creating a Search Campaign

Goals, conversions and attribution models

Basics of working with Direct Commander

Content for VKontakte

VK retargeting

In 2020, we will release even more useful materials and lectures for you. Stay tuned to for a lot of fun ahead.

Happy Holidays and Have a Great Weekend!

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