Bitrix 18: an overview of a new online store

In late spring, May 30, 2018, 1C-Bitrix released a large-scale update of the Site Management CMS platform, version 18.0. Let’s take a closer look at what has been updated in the online store.

First of all, much attention was paid to updating and modernizing the functionality of the online store.

The store block incorporates the ability to manage the catalog of goods, discounts on them, all aspects of working with Clients until the moment of ordering, conversion management, tools for mobile shopping.

Mobile version of the online store

Before the update, we analyzed the full sales path on the site. As a result, the entire cycle is assembled on advanced components that meet modern requirements:

  • great appearance of the main page on mobile devices;
  • the ability to customize product lists. Filtering and sorting by color, cost, size, type, etc .;
  • redesigned basket.

All the shortcomings of previous versions of online stores were taken into account, which made it possible to release an update that will solve the problems of making purchases through mobile devices.

New basket

It has already been said about the redesigned shopping cart in the mobile version of the online store. But that’s not all. A large reconstruction of the shopping cart was performed on the desktop version of the site.

In the version for large clients (B2B):

  • the possibility of necessary filtering of goods was introduced;
  • all changes made to the quantity of goods are instantly recalculated, and the updated order value is displayed.

In the version for small orders (B2C), everything has become much more convenient. Now products are displayed large enough, which makes it easy, for example, to change the selected clothing size or color.

At first glance, the changes are insignificant and simple, but the end user does not see all the work done, which greatly affects the increase in conversion.

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All updated elements are thoroughly tested and tuned for universal integration into the design of the online store.


The update “1C-Bitrix: Site Management” introduced the possibility of cumulative discounts. Now, customer loyalty will increase thanks to the accumulation system.

A very convenient analogy with the possibility of discount cards. For example, a client spent 5 thousand rubles. – all next purchases will have a 3% discount. I got 20 thousand rubles – already 7%, etc.

It is also possible to combine individual discounts with special promotions and online store programs.

Payment systems

The update adds the ability to work with online cash registers through the API.

Bitrix 18: an overview of a new online store

Delivery service

Version 18 continues to actively work with delivery services. It should be noted that now a special program has appeared for large online stores in conjunction with the Russian Post. All applications received at the end of the day can be handed over to the courier for sending or receive a package of documents. This system is available on the condition that at least fifty orders are received per day.

You can also print advance receipts. This will be convenient if the buyer refuses from the goods upon receipt.

Additional features

Working with the built-in product system on the VKontakte social network has become easier. Catalog upload and synchronization of actual information is now available. SMM specialists do not need to manually add products to the group and constantly monitor the relevance of the catalog.

Working with 1C: easy setup, real-time information update, container processing.

The location of the company and the points of delivery of goods are now on Google.Maps and Yandex.Maps.

Authorization by mobile phone number

For the convenience of customers, authorization by mobile phone number has been introduced. Previously, there was no such choice, and registration was carried out only via email.

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Now, thanks to this, new options have appeared:

  • Buyers who make one-time small purchases just need to register using a one-time SMS code;
  • Regular customers can recover forgotten passwords via SMS;

This can be done through third-party services that provide SMS-mailing services (, Tvilio, etc.).

Speed ​​and performance

To meet the current requirements of search engines, version 18 is focused on the speed of the site. Page load times decreased, performance increased.

This has a positive effect on the ranking of the online store in the search results, which entails an influx of potential customers.

Virtual machine

An SSL certificate is required for the online store to work on the https protocol. The updated version of “1C Bitrix: Site Management” has a server ready to work. He will provide a free certificate.

On server:

  • CentOS 7.4 OS
  • NGINX Apache2
  • MySQL5.5 with InnoDB support
  • HTTPS support
  • Sphinx configuration wizards
  • Configured firewall (iptables)
  • and much more


Updated all tools to protect against unwanted external influences on the performance of your site.

D7 core development

Working with objects instead of tables. These changes will undoubtedly please developers first of all.

New Rest API

Rest API is now embedded in the system. Now developers can integrate into the online store and external services, thanks to which the functionality can be expanded much faster. cloud support

Now you can work not only on static hosting, but also on cloud storage. The updated version is compatible with Perhaps, over time, other Russian cloud services will also be available.

New Marketing


The BUS marketing tools have expanded, and the Buy Segmenting tool has appeared. The convenience lies in the fact that all buyers can be divided according to the necessary criteria and lists for further work can be created.

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For example, you can highlight the most “generous” ones and target them with ads to sell more. You can also select those who came only once, and set up advertisements for them offering favorable terms.

Email newsletter

Collected customer segments can be used when sending to email addresses. The implemented functionality of 1C-Bitrix: Site Management allows you to do this.

Triggered mailings

Trigger mailings in version 18 of 1C-Bitrix have been updated, it has become easier to manage them.


By analogy with e-mail newsletters, you can now send SMS messages to your mobile phone. All of this also works with customer segmentation.

Sites 24

For those who want to test a new line of business, it is not necessary to spend money on developing a unique website.

Bitrix 18: an overview of a new online store

After updating the BUS, a built-in template site builder appeared. In version 18 it was named “Sites.24”.

Bitrix 18: an overview of a new online store

The interface is simple and convenient here. The module provides a large selection of designs of ready-made templates for various needs. It should be noted that they can be edited – change fonts, colors, images, icons.

All built-in templates are responsive and work great on mobile devices.

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