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To work with a large number of advertising campaigns, groups, ad elements, settings and targetings, Yandex.Direct provides tools for mass management (actions) or mass changes (editing).

For example, you decide to run a promotion for which you need to replace all the second headings in all search campaigns at once, and also selectively set bids for phrases containing certain words. You also need to replace some of the link components and edit the UTM tags.

If you have only one ad campaign, several groups, phrases and ads, all edits can be made one by one, editing each desired element. A large account requires a different approach. In this article, we will consider mass actions in Yandex.Direct and how to use them.

Campaign Actions: Search, Bulk Management, and Filters

In the Yandex.Direct interface at the level of advertising campaigns, there are two options for mass management:

Search by campaigns

In the old Yandex.Direct web interface, when entering a monosyllabic request (in our case, this is the word “New”), the system compares the name of the RK or its ID. Switching between the tabs “Active”, “Archive”, “All”, “With lost clicks”, we can filter campaigns by the corresponding status.

Both simple monosyllabic and advanced filters are available in the new Yandex.Direct web interface:

New interface

Advanced includes several filters:

  1. By payment method: toggles between media CPM RK and RK by CPC model;

  2. By status: active, archived;


  3. By parameters: number, type, campaigns, title, status, start date, end date, display locations, recommendations, strategy, bid adjustments, additional relevant phrases, metric counter, bid adjustments. When you select a specific filtering parameter, options for that parameter appear, for example:

    Counter Metrics
    This is how you can quickly see which ad campaigns have a Metrica counter
  4. According to statistics: consumption, average cost per click, impressions, clicks, CTR, conversions,% conversion, bounces. Here is an example of filtering ads based on statistics with exactly 800 or more clicks:

    Active campaigns

Bulk actions at the campaign level

The second important function at the level of all advertising companies in Yandex.Direct is mass actions. To complete one of them, mark the campaigns to which we will apply the necessary actions, and select the required action. The following options are available:

  • show statistics;

  • stop;

  • add to the most important;

  • change the Metrica counter;

  • change video extensions.

In the old version of the web interface, it looks like this:

Old version of the interface

In the new one – like this:

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A new version

Bulk actions at the group level and multi-edit groups

At the group level, there is also the possibility of bulk actions and multi-editing.

Bulk actions and changes at the group and phrase level look the same in both the old and the new Yandex.Direct interface. But since Yandex is gradually switching to work with a new interface, we will consider using functions right away in the updated version of Yandex.Direct.

Bulk actions at the group level

  1. Select a group or groups to work with:

    Group selection

  2. Click on the “Actions” button and select the desired item:

    Action selection

At the group level, the following are available:

  1. Bulk changes by status. You can resume shows, stop selected groups, archive or unzip.

  2. Mass action. Actions similar to the campaign level are available here: editing groups, copying, sending for moderation (for new groups), and deleting (for new groups that have not yet been moderated and activated).

  3. Tools. Here you can configure sets of negative keywords at the group level and change the display region. As a reminder, it is no longer possible to set geotargeting at the level of advertising campaigns, now this is implemented only at the group level.


Multi-editing groups

At the level one a separate group, we can:

  • select an impression region;

  • edit keywords and negative keywords for a group;

  • change the terms of remarketing and audience selection;

  • set a user profile;

  • set rate adjustments;

  • set a maximum bid for new and changed display conditions.

But, unfortunately, so far only one function is available in mass changes – changing negative keywords.

Editing Groups

The Bulk Change Negative Phrases tool allows you to create sets of negative keywords and apply each set to the groups you want, which is very convenient.

Negative phrases

Suppose you need to selectively minus the cities of the Russian Federation, but this cannot be done at the campaign level (for example, it is not relevant for all groups). Create a set of negative keywords with the names of cities, select the desired groups and apply the tool.

Hopefully, multi-editing of other composite groups will be available soon as well.

Bulk action and multi-edit ads

Here by analogy with groups. Select the ads you want and click on the “Actions” button.


You can change the status:

Bulk actions available:

  • edit;

  • delete;

  • change the prices in the ad;

  • change turbo pages;

  • replace images.

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Let’s take a closer look at the function of multi-editing ads using the example of the “Edit” action. The screenshot shows that we can change any ad element:

Mass changes

The Find and Replace function calls an additional dialog box:

Find and replace

  1. Enter in the “Find text” field the phrase you want to replace.
  2. Enter new text in the “Replace with” field.
  3. We choose where to make edits: at the level of headings, texts or quick links.

Tools for working with large-scale campaigns

We’ve dealt with the Yandex.Direct web interface. Let’s move on to additional work options and wholesale edits:

Yandex.Direct API

API stands for application programming interface. Using the API, you can exchange information directly with the Yandex.Direct server, bypassing the web interface.

To get started, you need to create an application:

API setup

For authorization, the OAuth 2.0 protocol is used: in requests, you must specify an authorization token that allows the application to access the data of a specific user. Further, using a special syntax, we can perform all the necessary actions to download statistics or change data. Read more about working with the API in the Yandex.Direct help.

API solves the problems of large agencies and companies that have a need to manage large and complex advertising campaigns. For an ordinary user, the method below is more suitable.

Direct Commander

Direct Commander is a separate program that you can download and install on your computer. It is used for professional management of ads in Yandex.Direct without using a web interface.

After downloading the application, enter the login and password for your Yandex.Direct account, upload campaigns, groups and other information, and use internal tools to make the necessary edits. This is how the interface looks like (if you have an agent account, another one is added to the current tabs – with a list of clients):


Let’s consider the main features of the program.

Search and Replace function.

  1. Choose the level you want: campaigns, groups, phrases or ads.

  2. Choose the items you want.

  3. Click on the “Replace” button.

An additional dialog box will appear. For example, to edit phrases, the window looks like this:

Find and replace

The ability to massively change the register.

To call the function, press: “Edit” – “Change the register of phrases.”

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Change case

Making almost any edits using the “Inspector” window (rightmost window).

  1. Select the required elements and account levels.

  2. In the “Inspector” window you will be able to edit the settings or the elements themselves.

Inspector window

Even with the help of Direct Commander, you can set bids and filter the necessary data: for example, select individual phrases in different search engines. Statistics are also available. However, Direct Commander is best used for making edits. And it is more convenient to view and analyze statistics in the web interface or in the Yandex.Direct mobile application.

Direct mobile application

According to Yandex, the Yandex.Direct application is a mobile assistant that will help:

  • manage the cost of a click;

  • make a payment (only for individuals from Russia);

  • start and stop impressions;

  • add and edit ads and phrases;

  • view information about campaigns, ads and phrases;

  • monitor aggregated statistics;

  • receive push notifications about events related to the advertising campaign;

  • view information about all events on a separate screen.

The application interface looks like this:

Mobile app

You can download it from the links:

We recommend testing, sometimes it helps a lot on the road.

Campaign management with XLS and XLSX files and download from CSV

There is a separate method for managing and making bulk changes in the RC – working with XLS and XLSX files.

To go to the tool, go to the web interface.

Web interface

Press the “Tools” button in the left column and select “Excel Management”. A page with the work interface will open:

Campaign management

The principle of operation is as follows:

  1. Download the template (download link).

  2. We fill in the template according to the rules and load it back through the interface.

  3. You can upload the finished RC to Excel, edit or add and download back.

Minus – only one ad campaign per iteration is available for editing. However, Direct Commander also knows how to work with such uploads, and the .CSV format allows you to work with several campaigns at once – more about this in the Help.


  1. Bulk management or bulk editing functions greatly simplify the solution of large tasks.

  2. With their help, you can edit the desired elements in bulk.

  3. The variety of applications and the possibility of their combination will suit almost any task.

Try it yourself. Successful advertising campaigns and high ROI!

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