Composite site technology

Center for Internet solutions and technologies “ONVOLGA” offers the development of sites on 1C-Bitrix using the “Composite site” technology.

“Composite site” is a unique technology for producing sites that combines the high speed of loading a static site and all the capabilities of a dynamic site. The user instantly gets the page content.

Why is it beneficial?

  • Website response is up to 100 times faster (according to 1C-Bitrix)
  • Better site ranking in Google and Yandex
  • Significant increase in online store conversion

How it works?

You will not notice the technical difficulties, you will just know that your site is faster than others!

1. The page is divided into 2 components: static and dynamic.

Brand new page load cycle.

2. The static part is cached and displayed instantly.

The user immediately sees the content and can work with it.

3. The dynamic part is loaded in the background and cached in the visitor’s browser

All sites developed on the 1C-Bitrix: Site Management platform can work using composite technology.

“1C-Bitrix: Site Management” is a professional web project management system, a universal tool for creating and managing a modern Internet project: corporate sites, online stores, information portals, community sites, social networks and other web projects.

How to order a site with the “Composite site” technology

Ask any question you are interested in about the composite site or leave a preliminary request: by phone 8 800 555-23-46 (free in Russia), +7 (495) 580-30-45, +7 (8442) 78 18 90, 8 ( 917) 338-51-54, by email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or fill out the “Request: website creation” form.

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