Each of us deserves an Oscar this year: meet the #crelloscar challenge from the Crello team


Here we figured out what to do while the whole world is busy discussing the nominees and winners of the Oscars. Spoiler alert: Well, our marketing team came up with a very funny activity.

The #crelloscar challenge is our answer to a reality that in 2020-2021 was worse than in the most daring episode of “Black Mirror.” And we thought: well, since we lived as if in a film, then we are all the main characters this year. And even though the scenario was the same for everyone, everyone has their own story this year.

And the question is ripe:

If your life in 2020 was a movie, what would its poster look like? What would the film be called? What would be the slogan? Who would be in the lead roles? What would he get an Oscar for? Best Supporting Role? (Hello to all couriers and delivery people, without whom we could hardly cope). Or the best costumes? (Office tops, pajama bottoms, and other bold fashion solutions to the pandemic).

Edit any of these posters

Thinking and imagining is good, but sitting down and making the cover of your own film (and even winning themed gifts) is definitely better. Therefore, here is what we propose to do:

  • Open Crello and choose your favorite movie poster design template.

  • Customize for yourself: change the name, add a photo, come up with a slogan, indicate the actors in the main roles (by the way: in the “objects” section we have a whole collection of Oscar elements that will be useful to you).

  • Download the cover and share it on social networks with the tag #crelloscars and mark the official Crello page.
  • Win themed gifts – Crello Pro licenses, annual subscriptions to streaming services (Netflix, Megogo, IVI), and a secret surprise prize from the Crello team.

To become a participant in the competition, you can publish your covers from 26 to 30 April inclusive. By the way, we could not resist and have already started. Don’t lag behind!

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