Give me a call, call me: how to correctly form contacts on the site?

The correct design of the “Contacts” page on the site affects not only user behavior. The presence of some elements and data is taken into account by search engines and has a positive effect on the ranking of the site.

In the article, we will figure out how to arrange “Contacts” on the site, what data is needed to make it like both users and search engines, and also show examples of successful and unsuccessful design.

How to issue the “Contacts” page on the site: required and additional data

The “Contacts” section should be available in one click from any page… By default, it is placed in the upper right corner of the site or in the top menu, and is also duplicated in the footer or left menu.

This site has a contact page, but try to find it right away. It would be much better to place the data in the top menu on a blue background:

Micro-markup of the contact page helps search engines process data and structure information. Use the standards that Yandex and Google adhere to.

Now let’s figure out how to fill in contacts.

Required elements

By default, the required fields include the following:

  • phone number;
  • Email;
  • actual and legal address;
  • schedule.

This is just the required minimum of data that needs to be duplicated in the footer or header (do not forget to add a callback order button and make the email address and phone clickable).

Here is a bad example of a “Contact” page for a regional hardware store:

metal pro

And again the site that we showed above. There is no address, no opening hours, no means of communication. On the inner pages, too. The user needs to come to the medical center in person to ask questions or make an appointment:

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mri center unsuccessful example site

Additional elements

To make the page effective and bring real value, we recommend placing the following data.


  • Map from Yandex or Google. These are preferred, but they often increase page load speed. Much depends on the CMS of the site, and the issue needs to be resolved together with the developer. If this is too long and costly for you, you can draw a diagram in a graphical editor. A QR code with information about the company’s address will also come in handy.
  • Photo of the entrances to the office / building. Especially if it is located far from the city center or people often cannot find it right away.
  • Possibility to select the nearest service point on the map depending on the location of the user.
  • Print button used less often than before, but still convenient for many.

Information about the company

  • Legal details of the firm – they increase user confidence.
  • Full name of the organization. You can attach information about licenses and certificates.
  • Shop payment details – bank card number, current account, owner’s initials. You can also add other payment options here, for example, e-wallets.

An unsuccessful example of registration at a store selling cigars and alcoholic beverages:

Bad example of a tobacco product website

There is a map and a photo of the office, the address, but the company details, opening hours and alternative communication options are not indicated. The products are elite. When ordering, I would like to be sure that the company is not a fake, but there are no legal details to confirm this.

Alternative communication options and a complete list of addresses

  • Add popular instant messengers, as, for example, in the Wildberries online store:
  • popular messengers

  • Links to groups in social networks and other sites of the company’s projects – they will improve the reputation, increase trust, introduce potential buyers in more detail with the activities of the company. Some users choose social media as their preferred communication method.
  • Feedback form – convenient for buyers and useful when tracking goals in Yandex Metrics or Google Analytics. Use the minimum set of required fields (often the user is too lazy to fill in information about himself). To contact technical support, it is advisable to set up authorization via social networks. Registering on the site just to ask a question or get advice about a product annoys many users.
  • In addition to a mobile, the presence of a regional phone, or even better – 8 800. The influence of a multi-channel number was noticed several years ago and is still considered a significant ranking factor. Especially if the resource is being promoted in several regions or countries.
  • Callback function.
  • Companies that have specified branches and representative offices in other citiesalso gain a ranking advantage. This is how it looks on the RBC website:
  • branches and representative offices in other cities

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Without information about the current representative office of the company in the region, it is impossible to advance in it. That is, if you want to promote in Moscow and St. Petersburg, place both addresses with phone numbers on the “Contacts” page.

And this car service has several workshops in Moscow and for each they have created a separate tab. You can see a photo of the service, contact managers using messengers, mail and phone are clickable, Yandex Map has been added:

auto service workshop cards


  • Mail on your domain – increases trust and adds solidity. Search engines also take this factor into account.
  • Different options for communication with different branches (departments) – each department has its own contacts. It also makes sense to leave the details of department heads and their names. A good example is on the Tinkoff bank website. In addition, they can immediately download forms for filling out documents, which is undoubtedly very convenient and practical:
  • different options for communication with different branches and departments

  • Video broadcast from the office (kitchen, studio) – helps to build trust with the audience and increase the time spent on the site, as a result of which behavioral factors are improved. Of course, this does not suit all areas, but if we are talking about a beauty salon or a pizzeria – why not?
  • Use high-quality images for the site, unique graphics. Fuzzy, blurry images that decay into pixels look messy.
  • Photos of the office and employees… You can add to the page “About the company”, but if you have posted the contact details of employees here, then the photo will help to supplement the information.
  • Convenient markup of contact information – if there are too many of them, it is convenient to draw a table or break it up into blocks, as is done on the Gurman website:
  • convenient markup of contact information

    convenient marking of department contacts

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Let’s sum up

Perhaps now it is clear that you should not underestimate the design of such an important page as “Contacts”. Placing additional information will help solve important business problems:

  • attracting wholesale buyers;
  • after-sales service;
  • increasing trust and improving reputation.

For SEO, a competent design solves the following tasks:

  • improved behavioral characteristics;
  • an increase in the time spent on the site;
  • increase in conversion and leads due to additional information, the presence of a callback and contact forms;
  • when placing data on branches and city numbers, the site will be highly ranked in the required regions;
  • number 8 800 has a significant impact on multi-regional promotion.

Once you’ve thought about the layout, design and usability of your contact page as carefully as a service catalog, you’ll see it works!

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