How advertisers can effectively work after the crisis – a conversation with experts

We recommend that you carefully evaluate the business, find its strengths and weaknesses, and think again about who is the target audience now. Then you can analyze and optimize:

  1. Remote payment methods. Accept payment and pass checks without contacting the buyer. For example, this can be done using VK Pay. It is convenient for the user to pay for a product or service, being in the familiar VKontakte ecosystem.
  2. Delivery methods. You don’t have to make delivery free, but it is important that it is convenient and understandable for you and your customers. The VKontakte store offers delivery via Boxberry and CDEK, in order to use it, the administrator must enable it in his VK community.
  3. Communication with clients. Be sure to analyze and correct all posts and news. Consider how your company can make life easier for your customers. Someone will be grateful to the package of buckwheat as a gift, someone – a bonus subscription to a useful or entertaining service, and someone – just a pleasant word and support.
  4. Advertising campaigns. Of course, advertisements are also worth reviewing. Users significantly changed their daily routine and some habits: now they are more often at home and ordering goods via the Internet, they have more free time.

We think that the patterns of behavior will change: now users know that a lot can be bought online, to get the goods you do not need to go to the other end of the city, and free time can be spent on more enjoyable activities.

Please note that the behavior of your target audience may also change: many have discovered the talents of artists, someone missed physical activity and are thinking about buying a bicycle, and someone decided to contact a real estate agency to change their apartment for a more comfortable one.

But searching for an audience “manually”, when you build hypotheses and then test them, is always a lot of tests, nerves, and money costs. The easiest way to choose your target audience on VKontakte is the new Automatic Price Management tool. In this case, the algorithm will select the audience on its own.

If you still want to manually select your target audience, it’s easy to solve with boolean operators: formulas will help you segment your audience accurately. Logical operators “AND”, “OR”, “AND NOT” are available for the settings: “Interests and behavior”, “Followers of communities” and “Activity in communities”.

Remember not to despair, users are still close to you. Undoubtedly, the world has changed, making our lives less mobile, but at the same time more saturated with online services.

And the main task of the business is to establish contact with the target audience that is relevant for it now and carefully consider the effectiveness of such contact.

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