I have a dream. So that clients come up and say: “Listen, I looked here and realized that I pay you a little something … Let’s pay more from next month?” Well, that’s what she’s a dream, while this has not happened. But for many years it turns out to regularly increase their incomes. In this article I will tell you about 4 ways that I did it.

Remember Alice, who, together with Ibrahim, promoted pink hamsters? If not, then read the article “How to sell your product on social networks” – there is about pink hamsters and Ibrahim, and the article “Ibrahim VS Alice” about the relationship between these two characters. So, Alice, here she is at the bottom of the picture, decided that it was time to increase the income from her work. Now she works for Ibrahim, let’s imagine that she runs Instagram, writes posts and gets a lot of money for it.

What does Alice need to do to increase the amount of money?

Alice leads Instagram, writes posts, and Ibrahim pays for it
Alice leads Instagram, writes posts, and Ibrahim pays for it

Known ways to increase income

If you look like financial literacy courses, then they will talk about four main ways to increase income: do more for one client, take more clients, charge more from each client and spend fewer resources. Let’s take a closer look at this.

Key options to increase income
Key options to increase income

Do more for one client

Everything is simple here. If earlier Alice ran Instagram, made 8 posts for Ibrahim, now she can take on more, bring more benefits and get more. Let’s say make twice as many posts, take over Stories, process comments, take a free course on targeting VKontakte, and take over advertising.

✅ Income rises rapidly.
✅ No need to look for new clients or abandon current ones.
✅ The tasks will become more varied.
❌ The load increases, and therefore the operating time.
❌ If you take on new tasks, you will have to do a lot of new things: set up experiments, collect results, set up processes.

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Take more projects

Sorry for the captaincy, but everything is simple here too – Alice needs to find new clients and keep them on Instagram. This also includes “making new products.” Alice can do more good to others:

  • Based on your experience, create a guide “How to promote fitness” and sell it for 100 rubles.
  • Conduct consultations.
  • Write articles for various media.

👉 It is safer for financial stability to have multiple sources of income than one. Let’s say Ibrahim pays 10,000 rubles for Instagram, if he fires Alice, she is left without income. But if Alice has two clients and receives 5 thousand from each, then after losing one job, she will have a second one. At least something. Therefore, it is extremely important for novice SMM specialists to increase productivity, not efficiency.

✅ Experience is pumped many times faster.
✅ Increased stability of income.
✅ Word of mouth is pumped.
❌ You will have to work much more or learn to delegate.

Make it more expensive

Everything is also obvious – if earlier Alice kept Instagram for 10,000 rubles a month, now she needs to do the same, but charge 11,000 rubles or more for it.

Growth must be justified… Nobody will just pay more money for the same job. The new price for old customers needs to be justified in such a way that customers see the benefits for themselves.

👉 Let’s say I’m used to visiting a hairdresser for 1000 rubles. Then I will come, and the exact same service from the exact same specialist will suddenly cost 1,500 rubles – it will sadden me. Most likely, I will no longer come here and I will feel cheated. Even if prices have risen everywhere, even if this particular barbershop held out to the last. I will have a feeling of deception. However, if the quality of the service changes or an additional service appears, say, while I am in line, I am offered to drink coffee with cookies, this will smooth out the first impression.

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Alice can justify growth – quality work, deeper understanding of the market, discipline. For example, she worked closely with Ibrahim all year, did not disappear unexpectedly, communicated politely, and defended her positions. Compared to other freelancers, this can add added value to the client. Ideas about what kind of value to give to the client can be found in the article “How to evaluate the work of an SMM.” A fail-safe trick to create simple, visual reports that demonstrate the impact of your work.

✅ You can increase your income without increasing your working time.
✅ Understanding that they have grown professionally and that clients are willing to pay for it.
❌ Need to clearly justify value. However, if you work well, clients will be willing to pay themselves.
❌ Some clients may fall off – not because you do not give enough value, but because “the budget does not fit.”

Reduce resources

Spend less on work, do faster, but not lose quality. To do this, you need to describe in detail all the actions that you do and for which you are paid, and then understand how to make these actions faster or cheaper.

For example, before, Alice wrote 8 posts for Ibrahim in 8 hours, that is, a whole working day. After reading the article “How to write an expert post in 20 minutes”, analyzing her actions, practicing a little, she will speed up and write 8 posts in 2-3 hours. Does the same job, but faster, which means that the cost of the working hour has increased.

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✅ This way of increasing income will stay with you forever.
✅ This path makes it easy to scale all processes.
❌ You will have to spend time and effort to do, at first glance, “not work”. While Alice is thinking about optimizing the processes, posts are not written, the work is worth it.

The SMMplanner service is a tool that allows you to reduce resources, specifically the time spent on planning and publishing posts. Thanks to deferred posting, you can do more in the same time, and in the freed up work on other projects.

👉 Optimization is a fairly broad topic. I recommend studying it starting with business processes and the kaizen principle.

How can you increase your income?

Since Alice is a beginner SMM specialist, the best option for her is to apply 4 methods at the same time.

It is necessary to increase productivity, and through it to pump experience and skills. To do this, you need to take more work.

Each month, when taking on new projects, you can slightly increase prices, and for old clients you can increase prices after overcoming the KPI threshold.

Regularly review all your tasks and optimize processes, making them faster and easier without losing quality.