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Chat ads in Yandex search are one of the templates that the Direct team began testing in the spring of 2018. Since April 2019, this option has been working by default for all advertisers. By adding chat to an ad, marketers can receive leads or requests from leads directly from search.

The chat is shown on the search if the ad occupies the first line of the ad. As with add-ons, the advertiser pays for one click, even if the user has clicked on multiple ad elements.

In this article, we will talk about how to set up a chat and how the connection of the option affects the effectiveness of campaigns.

How to connect chat for Yandex.Direct ads

You can connect a chat using the Yandex.Dialogi service. The first thing to do is to create a chat on the service website. Please note that when entering, you must enter the same username that was used in Yandex.Webmaster.

1. To create a dialog, click the corresponding button:

2. Specify the type of dialogue – chat for business.

3. Go to the chat settings. First of all, you need to specify the site address and the name of the organization. Yandex.Dialogs automatically check information.

Chat settings in Yandex.Dialogs

4. Mandatory field – “Provider”. It is a platform that is used to chat with users. We’ll choose Yandex:

list of providers

5. The “URL” field is filled in if you want to add chat to organic search results. It specifies the pages, when shown, the chat will open in the search results.
For ads, you don’t need to fill out this field, as the chat button is added at the campaign level and appears in all ads with impressions on search.

6. Fill in all the fields required for publication in the catalog:

  • Name of the organization;
  • the name of the dialogue;
  • category of goods or services.

The name of the chat must include the name of the organization or site, you can also use words that characterize the activities of the company, product or region.

publications in the catalog

7. Next, write a welcome message that the user will see when they open the chat. To pass moderation, you should not place ads on it or encourage customers to go to the site and make any transaction.

Fill in the “Sajesta” field. Here you can specify common questions that the user can click on and get a template answer in the message. In total, you can add three sadges of 53 characters.

Upload an icon image and indicate the chat time. Chat displays in ads are independent of the time set in Yandex.Dialogues. So, if an ad is shown around the clock, then the chat in the ad will be constantly available.

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chat setup

Detailed instructions for filling in the fields and examples are in the help.

8. Click “Save” and then “For moderation.”


Moderation can take up to three business days. When Yandex approves the chat, start it by clicking the Publish button. It can take up to an hour to publish.

9. The created dialog will have an identification number required to enable the option in Yandex.Direct. Copy it in the “Promotion” section.

chat ID

10. After that, go to Direct and add the identifier number to the “Conversations” field in the campaign parameters.

connect chat in Yandex.Direct

Now the ad will display a chat from Yandex.Dialogs.

A company representative can respond to customer messages from search and Alice through the operator interface in Yandex.Dialogues and the Directory. To receive messages that come to the widget on the site, you need to install it in the “Widget” section in the chat settings.

Users will receive messages if they close the chat – they will receive a notification with a response in the application or browser.

Chat tasks and how to use them effectively

We asked experts what tasks chats perform in search ads, who they are suitable for, and whether they help to attract more customers.

Nikita Kravchenko

Nikita Kravchenko paid traffic expert at eLama

Chat in search ads can serve as a way to attract applications without using the site. That is, in this way, the advertiser can exclude one of the stages of the funnel, which can reduce the conversion. Chats in Yandex.Direct should definitely be implemented and tested by advertisers who already use online chat on their own website or in Yandex organic and at the same time receive high-quality requests through it, as well as in topics of emergency demand and on requests that imply consultation. In addition, the chat ad becomes more visible, you should expect an increase in CTR and getting into more stencils.

However, there are important nuances. The first is the possible low quality of chat calls. Despite the fact that in search, we often work with hot demand, the user receives too little information about the product, company and offer from the ad. If he contacts the chat, the manager may have to answer many questions that the user could close on the site. The operator’s working time is money.

The second nuance is the speed of response and chatting scenarios. I personally tested the online chat in Direct of one large developer: the response time was five minutes. During this time, I managed to go through all the sites on the first page of search results and study several interesting competitive offers. The money for the click was debited, and I still did not receive an answer to my question, because I had already left the main Yandex. If a real person cannot respond promptly, you need to set up sajests and auto-responses, but their capabilities are also limited.

In general, I am positive about the new product and would recommend testing chats in search ads for advertisers. You can analyze their effectiveness using the Report Wizard and CRM system.

Maria Patrugina

Maria Patrugina Head of Regional Department, Adventum

Now there is a tendency for mass withdrawal from phone calls to various types of correspondence – messengers, chats, etc. Chat in search ads will help to remove the first questions from the client, especially when the answers are formulaic. First of all, this tool is relevant for advertisers who actively use chat rooms on their sites – car dealers, developers, complex products with a large average check. The tool will also be useful for small companies when each client counts and an individual approach is important. You should not connect the tool to large hypermarkets, as support costs will be high.

Two real estate clients are currently testing the instrument. We did not notice a big surge in requests, most likely, users are still afraid to apply through this form. CTR grew by 10% due to an increase in the volume of advertising messages, it became more noticeable against the background of other advertisers. Also, due to the increase in CTR after connecting the chat, we were able to occupy higher positions.

We recommend testing the new tool for most advertisers, but not everyone agrees yet due to internal reasons. Handling chat are additional resources for any business, not all have them. In our experience, most advertisers still prefer to receive warm calls and their processes are adjusted to handle calls. The tool is certainly good, but for maximum benefit it requires a little redesign of the client-side processes.

Our hypothesis is that it is possible to maximize the number of targeted hits if the chat is connected to the maximum transactional requests. Although, by giving a potential client the opportunity to contact on broader, general inquiries, we get the opportunity to be the first to persuade him to choose in our favor. The main thing is that the consultation is thoughtful and of high quality. This requires a joint strategy with the client and well-thought-out scripts for consultation for different “warmth” of clients.

Innokenty Fefilov

Innokenty Fefilov internet marketer of the digital agency “Babylon”

Chat for organics we started installing as soon as the tool was out of beta. At that time, it was only compatible with Jivosite. Yandex immediately promised to implement chats in ads, and we wanted to be the first. Installed for several clients, since not everyone was ready to change the chat.

Search statistics: about 3% of the total number of requests via chat are from search. There was no explosive growth in SEO, and it is difficult for us to assess the contribution to the growth of sites by position. The installation logic is to increase the snippet spot on the search. Yandex also drew attention to chat on pop-up search.

As soon as chat appeared in ad units, we installed it to all the clients we could. Our tests show that on many topics, people don’t read ad content. We are filling out an ad to increase our SERP. And chat on search is another opportunity to increase the spot.

None of the dozens of customers have had search hits that have become a full-fledged new channel. The number of requests does not exceed 5% of the total number of chats.

In my opinion, Yandex is a site search. And people go to Yandex to look for sites. To contact via chat, the user must familiarize himself with the website and the offer. On the site, he can decide to convert to a lead. The ad text is not enough to make a decision.

Chat can work well in topics with urgent demand, where in some cases the client turns into a lead without a click: taxi, plumber, tow truck. But we don’t have such clients.


  1. Post a chat to increase CTR. The larger the spot, the higher the CTR. It is a fact.
  2. While the technology is new, it is a competitive advantage. Even a couple of chats a day is a couple of potential customers. If you don’t have a chat, your competitor will have it.
  3. Instruct managers. To communicate with a user who has not visited the site, there must be other scripts.
  4. If you are not ready to answer in the chat – do not bet. With a certain number of missed dialogs, Yandex will disable the chat, and it will be difficult to return it.


It is worth connecting the chat to ads for advertisers who are already actively using them on the site or in organics. Chats are effective for topics with urgent demand, where the user does not need to study the site in detail. The tool is more suitable for small and medium businesses, where an individual approach is important.

Before testing chats in Yandex.Direct, it is important to calculate how many requests you need and how many you can process, taking into account the quality of the leads. Think over a communication strategy with an audience of different “warmth” so that the user receives quality advice.

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