How To Check An SEO Contractor: 5 Signs An Agency Is Really Working On Your Website

The author of the article: Vladimir Sumatohin,
technologist SEO expert at SEO.RU

You are constantly asked for information that only you can give

Questions begin at the start of work and almost never stop. Because only you can answer these questions.

From the very beginning, you are asked for data and access to meters and services, because without them it is impossible to analyze the effectiveness of work.

  • Yandex.Metrica and / or Google Analytics (depends on which search engine you are promoting). These are web analytics tools that help you assess traffic sources and metrics. If you have Metrica and Analytics counters installed, you should be asked to share access to them. If not installed, you will be prompted to install them linked to your mail, so you need to be in touch at the time of registration.
  • Yandex.Webmaster and / or Google Search Console. These are panels for webmasters that help track website errors and correct them in a timely manner. The algorithm is the same as with counters.
  • Promotion region. As a business and site owner, they ask you from which regions new customers and orders should come to you. Perhaps an SEO specialist will suggest adjusting the regions, but only based on the initial data from you.
  • Basic information about the business. For example, the manager will ask what form of organization the company has, whether there are branches or points of issue of orders in Russia and abroad, who will be responsible for communication with the account manager of the SEO agency (the position of the specialist, his ability to make decisions about changing the site).
  • Key areas of work. Usually the company has main directions (the most priority ones, bringing more profit) and additional ones (less priority ones, from the category of related products or services). The account manager will ask you about this division so that business priorities form the basis of your SEO strategy.
  • Competitive advantages. Both at the stage of sale and after the conclusion of the contract, the company’s specialist will try to understand the specifics of your business and will ask many questions about how you differ from your competitors.
  • Target audience portrait. The site changes for a reason, but for someone, therefore, it is important for an SEO specialist to know who the end user is, what his needs are.
  • Prices for services and goods. The price of a product or service on the site is one of the most important More … “> commercial factorsand these factors need to be improved for SEO to be successful. However, if you cannot add prices to the site, the optimizer needs to at least roughly understand what price range you are working in. This is necessary to better understand the target audience and make the site more attractive to it.
  • Abstracts for content (articles, texts for product cards and others). You know your products or your services better than others, and this reliable information is an important point of a competent terms of reference for a copywriter, as well as editorial policy and a brief. The client is interested in those texts for his site that reflect his business, his philosophy and his approach, so the account manager asks for this information before setting tasks for the copywriter.
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This list is the very foundation, a base that can and will expand along with the amount of work on the site. This is one way to check an SEO company: if an agency is working on a website, its employees call or write to get information.

You are regularly asked to agree on texts, images and other changes on the site

One of the main directions of SEO promotion is filling the site with quality content.

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You cannot publish content without agreement with the client. Therefore, you are regularly sent texts and asked to approve them. The same applies to any other edits: change the page layout, add a chat platform or call tracking – for all these actions, the account manager asks for your permission and approval.

You get recommendations from the optimizer to improve your site

When the optimizer develops a strategy and starts implementing it, he looks for aspects of the site that can be improved for maximum conversion.

For example, he sees that big competitors have chat platforms and callback forms, but his client doesn’t. Or he notes that most of the players on the market have prices on their websites, and his client’s website works without specifying the cost of goods.

Then he analyzes these factors, reveals how significant they are for SEO. Over time, an SEO specialist, already at the stage of the pre-launch audit, can offer working ideas for improving the site.

The same goes for further work: the account manager regularly sends recommendations of the SEO optimizer to improve the site and its conversion.

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You are regularly sent reports on the work performed

SEO work does not always give a quick result, but if you entered into an agreement with a contractor, which stipulates specific reporting periods (for example, the 17th day of each month), then for each such interval you should receive a report on what the optimizer has done in this month and what results it has led.

Moreover, if you need a report for a different period (not for a month, but for the past six months) or for one type of tasks (for web development), you can request it from your account manager – he will compile it and send it to you.

You can independently evaluate the work of your SEO contractor using web analytics systems – use our detailed instructions for this.

At any time, they can report to you about the SEO process

This item is a continuation of the previous one, only slightly expanded: they can provide information about current work to you outside the reporting form.

At any time, you can contact the account manager who is working on your project and find out:

  • what optimizers and programmers are working on at the moment;
  • what are the future plans;
  • why exactly these tasks are performed, and not some others;
  • what happens to traffic, why it grows or why it falls, and how to fix it.

A “white” contractor who is interested in the result and is actually working on the project will never avoid contact with his client. On the contrary, he will get in touch himself to recommend innovations, coordinate edits and keep you informed of what is happening with the site.

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