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Let’s be honest, the name Dermosil is not the best for the Russian mass market. Only the name Dermoshop is worse – this was the name of the beauty care cosmetics popular in Finland in their homeland. The rebranding result for the Russian market is Dermosil, and alas, there is no way to influence this decision.

The name has become the only, but quite noticeable flaw of the Finnish brand. Ultimately, the product sells itself, and it is very difficult to argue with the quality of this cosmetics. We have been engaged in online advertising for the cosmetic brand Dermosil for several years, the market situation has changed – the advertising strategy has also changed.

Interaction with the customer

An important point, which, I am sure, has brought a positive result. There are two things worth noting here:

  1. Well-tuned reports in Google Analytics to track the entire user journey. Based on them, we drew conclusions and developed advertising strategies.
  2. Monthly meetings in the company’s stores, where live presentations of new products were held, the company’s plans, difficulties encountered, ideas were generated. Such meetings are the main source of inspiration, and it must be supported.

Dermosil advertising strategy

Our task was to bring targeted paid traffic at a low cost. As practice shows, this strategy works for many other industries as well.

Main promotion channels: Yandex.Direct, Google Ads, Facebook.

The messages in the advertisements changed depending on the current tasks. We have been working with the client for five years, and we can describe all the implemented ideas for a long time. I will dwell on a few of the brightest, which I recommend trying in your advertising campaigns.

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Highlight the uniqueness of your cosmetics brand. Finnish cosmetics – there are many ways to talk about it. We even tried using Finnish, and the moderation, fortunately, missed the announcements:

And, of course, Scandinavian design:

Advertising example

Pick 2-3 of the most interesting products and focus on them. Your customers will not be limited to buying one cream; most likely, these products will become a kind of “locomotives” in Internet sales. The Finnish brand Dermosil first had tar soap and dry shampoo.

Advertising example

Use testimonials in ad copy. A truthful review is the best argument and is difficult to write to order. A sincere review is usually quite emotional, and one such offer is more than enough. Here are the ads that have brought in dozens of sales:

Advertising example

It is also possible and necessary to work with a disloyal audience. An unfortunate name is a verdict, of course, but here’s what’s interesting: all Dermosil buyers have higher education. And sales at the level of 100+ transactions per day indicate that the name does not hurt everyone’s ears and eyes.


There is no point in hiding – along with sales, we received a decent percentage of bounces. A striking example: the most selling keyword “tar soap” in the search was characterized by 60% of refusals. In usual practice, with such high percentages, phrases are turned off, but here she sold the most.

We decided to try to work with rejection and increase audience loyalty. We set up a segment in Metrika for bounces and placed a banner in the ad networks that explained the brand name:

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Advertising example

We didn’t get direct sales from this campaign, but we did significantly reduce the average bounce rate.

Let’s sum up

It is customary to end the cases with numbers, and we will not be an exception.

  1. The main positive effect of advertising campaigns – in 80% of cases, after the first purchase followed the second. In fact, this suggests that we attracted not so much orders as buyers. And therefore, the key task was to attract a new audience.
  2. Sales growth from year to year ranged from 20 to 25%.
  3. The growth of new customers is from 20 to 35% per year.
  4. Despite the periodic price increases, the average check remained at the same level – a little over 2,000 rubles. This speaks more about the economic situation than about the effectiveness of the campaigns.

Not all tools are created equal in the cosmetic market

While implementing numerous strategies over the course of five years, we have tried absolutely every online advertising tool available to us. Some bring results immediately in the form of direct orders, others had to be put aside. The most effective showed themselves:

Promotion tool

The resulting result

Advertising in Yandex and Google search: brand queries and lines of funds

The highest percentage of purchases from the first visit

Retargeting all visitors or specific segments

Always sells immediately after launching a campaign

Banner on Yandex search

Increases the conversion of search campaigns

Shopping ads: in search and ad networks

Converted to purchases only in Google Ads

Yandex and Google advertising networks

The best way to communicate new products

Facebook / Instagram

Highest ROI

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