Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns


Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Over the past few years, social media has become a must-have advertising tool for businesses. For advertising on social networks spend $ 68 billion, and in this pie on Instagram has to a chunk of $ 6.8 billion on Instagram – more 2 million advertisers, and if you are not one of them yet, you need to fix it as soon as possible.

Big brands willingly give away tips and share the success of their Instagram campaigns, but for small businesses, the effectiveness of Insta ads is not always obvious. Will it work if the budget is small? Can you compete with other brands? Can multiple ad posts have a significant impact? The answer is they can. Everyone has a chance. And the budget in this case does not play a decisive role.

Today we will figure out what should be Instagram advertisingso that every dollar of advertising is worthwhile, and every ad helps to reinforce the brand image and make it recognizable to its target audience.

Do you need Instagram ads? Yes.

Instagram has grown so quickly from a toy to a serious platform that some businesses have yet to grasp its new capabilities. And even more so, they don’t understand whether to buy ads on Instagram. Most of all, they are confused by the fact that the user’s attention remains within the application and does not go beyond its scope. But it only seems so. Now advertising posts can transfer the user to an external platform – a company website or a store with applications – in one click.

Even if the user does not go anywhere, advertising will still be effective – the audience will see your posts more often. The absolute plus of Instagram is that the ads here do not look fake. Promo posts in the feed look quite organic, they are distinguished only by a clickable strip with a call to action. Advertising stories are also sometimes indistinguishable from organic ones.

This is what advertisements and regular posts look like with the same images.

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Sponsored posts are distinguished by a small “ad” tag, otherwise they feel almost the same as organic. This helps to engage the audience in a gentle and neat way.

1. Define a strategy

To save money, plan. Lack of planning when launching ad campaigns is one of the most common mistakes brands make. There is a lot of talk about advertising on Instagram, you want to try new opportunities as soon as possible, but rushing and rash actions will harm your business. You don’t need to be fast – you need to be good.

Campaigns should have goals and vectors. You need to clearly decide what exactly you are promoting, what results you want to achieve thanks to advertising and how you will measure these results. Without these three elements, a consistent campaign will not work.

Depending on what exactly you need – more subscribers or transitions to the site or store, ad setup will be different. Set goals as clear as possible. When you know exactly where you are going and get the first results, it will be easier for you to make new ad campaigns more effective. Correctly targeted advertising will help save time, money and hassle.

2. Blend in with the crowd

Native Instagram advertising better than usual. The more accurately it is integrated, the more responsive it will be and the sooner you will get new clients. 45% of users are annoyed by ads on social networksand if you advertise head-on, the chances of failure are high.

Think about the budget – your campaigns should return on the money invested. Take your visuals seriously and thoughtfully. Instead of explicit ads, try something that looks more like regular content. Here are some examples of “non-ad” ads from feed and stories:

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

3. Make a video

By 2021, 81% of the world’s internet traffic will be video, and Instagram is set to be at the forefront of this video celebration. In 2018, the platform launched IGTV, a built-in tool for long vertical videos, and is adding more options for dynamic stories. All this affects the ad format – in 2017, 50% of companies were going to spend on video ads on Instagram. morethan they are already spending.

A short promotional video can tell a lot more than a picture. Moreover, this format involves not only videos, but also gifs. They can be made for your brand by a designer or by yourself – in Crello video story templates you can set it up in a couple of minutes by adding your photos, backgrounds, animated elements and inscriptions, including those in Cyrillic:

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

4. Set up your targeting correctly

Fast advertising on Instagram is created directly in the application, but it is better to use the convenient Ads Manager panel – Facebook advertising cabinet. There, you can carefully configure the type of advertising you need there, and create split tests to choose the best presentation.

The audience for an Instagram campaign can already be selected very accurately – target ads to subscribers or attract new ones similar to them. It is possible to set up remarketing. The Facebook Pixel extension installed on the site notices what product your user was interested in, and reminds him of this product in feeds. Such advertising saves the budget: once customers have already shown interest in the product, they are more likely to return. The cost per click goes down.

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Another format will soon be added to feed ads and stories. Instagram is currently testing Promote for Stories – an approach that will work on the principle of Facebook Boost. “Boost” will promote stories in an organic queue, but this is not advertising as such, but simply a powerful “accelerator”.

Boost can be used directly from the app. Instagram will help you quickly decide which users in Stories should show this post. The Instagram audience will be selected automatically or it will be possible to customize it – everything is traditional here. It is not yet clear when Promote on Instagram will launch globally, but sooner or later it will.

5. Get involved

Whatever product you are promoting, there are users who from time to time mark your brand in their publications – photos, videos, albums, stories. User generated content (UGC) is very useful for promotion. Plus, UGC engages better because it looks more real, honest, and unadvertised.

Consider how you can use this type of content in your advertising strategy. Work with influencers and regular users who might be interested in your products or services. Here are some examples of this interaction:

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

Subscribers’ publications Natura Siberica, IKEA, PizzaHut

6. Test everything

Strategy is good, but don’t limit yourself to strict boundaries. Try new things and experiment. The main thing is to analyze how successful the new attempts are and whether it is worth building new campaigns around them.

You can launch a campaign with UGC, go only to videos with photos or only to stories – and see what happens. At the end of the day, the main goal is to find what works for your business. Try retargeting. People who already know about your brand will react to ads in a different way. You may spend the same amount in the test phase, but the results of this research will improve your campaigns in the future.

7. Create Instagram Ads in Templates

The cost of advertising on Instagram consists of two components – the cost per promotion and the creation of an advertising video or illustration.

Not every company has a designer on their team, and sometimes (often) one really isn’t needed. Crello will help you prepare a correct and well-designed advertising post; it has 4 content formats for Instagram: static and animated publication for tape and static and animated publication for stories.

It usually takes 5-20 minutes to edit any of the templates – you just replace or adapt a photo or video, add captions and customize graphic elements.

Crello has hundreds of Instagram templates, see which one best suits your needs and echoes the style and – go for it. Take a look A selection of 20 Instagram feed templates – perhaps already there you will find there something for yourself.

Ready to launch Instagram ads?

Here is a selection of tools to help you create an ad campaign:

  • Ads Manager
  • Power Editor
  • Facebook Ads API
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It is often easier and faster to run ads in the application itself. This is done like this:

Instagram Ads: 7 Tips for Running Effective Campaigns

1. Create or switch to a business profile

Go to Settings and Switch to Company Profile. To do this, you need to have a Facebook profile.

2. Set up your campaign

Select the post you want to advertise. Click Promote. Then decide where the advertisement will lead users – to your profile, to the site or to direct.

3. Determine the budget

You need to specify the basic information – the audience who will see the post, the budget and the duration of the campaign. When you fill in these details, click “Next”.

4. Publish

Click Create Promotion to run your ad. Do not forget to specify a bank card in your profile settings, from which account the money for advertising campaigns will be debited.

Read more about how to work with advertising on the official website Instagram.Business… Create content for ad campaigns in Crello templates

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