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In general, there are two global trends in the development of paid advertising: ad personalization and automation… It cannot be said that they appeared only in the outgoing year, but it was in 2019 that they reached a new level and became those trends that cannot be ignored if you want to be effective.

Video advertising is actively developing, more and more when promoting, agents of influence are involved, new platforms are being used, such as Telegram channels. In general there is the trend towards user-generated content and omnichannel advertising – most likely this will continue next year.

In contextual advertising, ad personalization and automation has penetrated all stages of campaign launch: from creating ads to bidding. The platforms are moving towards expanding opportunities: adding new extensions to ads (eight quick links in Yandex.Direct, pictures on Google search), new formats (video ads in Yandex, Google lead form). It takes less and less time to create ads. Dynamic ads, for example, generate relevant headlines themselves, help fill in the gaps in keywords, thereby attracting more traffic.

Bid management becomes even easier: just choose an automatic strategy for your goals, and the system itself will adjust bids to get the best result. In addition, the criteria that must be met when choosing automatic strategies are simplified. You no longer need to get a certain number of conversions on Google, and you can use automated strategies when launching new campaigns.

The innovations of this year’s sites indicate that in 2020, contextual advertising will continue course towards simplifying campaign creation and management… It will take less time for technical issues and more time for finding growth points and introducing new tools.

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We noticed that in the mobile advertising segment, there is a growing interest in analytics and complex solutions… For companies now it is important not only to achieve the installation of the application, but also to understand how the user interacts with the product further. Traffic quality assessment models are becoming more complex, but they are more tailored to the unit economy. We hope that the trend will develop further.

In targeted ads, we saw the emergence of new advertising platformsfor example, TikTok, which entered the top three in terms of total downloads for all time on Android and iOS. Such sites attract the attention of advertisers who want to be among the first to conquer a new market. Next year, most likely, they and advertising in them will only grow.

On more familiar advertising platforms – Facebook and VKontakte – there is advertising automation and personalization and it is obvious that in the near future, all sites will automatically manage bids and targeting to increase efficiency.

In display advertising, one of the main trends in recent years is advertising personalization. Programmatic advertising is rapidly evolving, which uses artificial intelligence to automate purchasing – this helps target a more specific audience. For example, real-time bidding is a type of ad. This automation is much more efficient, faster and results in higher conversions and lower customer acquisition costs.

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