Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
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June is the month of protecting the rights of sexual minorities. Equality Marches have been held in various countries since 1970, with brands launching campaigns to raise awareness of the issues of the LGBT + community.

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Pride parades in 2019

In the summer of 1969, New York saw a wave of unplanned demonstrations against a police raid on the city’s gay bars. The first clash with the authorities happened on June 28, 1969 in a bar at Stonewall Inn, and that is why this movement went down in history as the “Stonewall Riot”. It is believed that this was the first time that the gay community has stood up for their rights so openly and massively.

The Stonewall Riot happened 50 years ago, and to mark the anniversary throughout June this year, New York will host over 50 LGBT + events. These will be events of different formats, from street festivals to chamber exhibitions. They are expected to attract over 3 million visitors. Everything will end with the large-scale New York Pride Parade on June 30.

The world is going to celebrate the Month of Pride no less grandly – Pride parades will be held in Sao Paulo, Toronto, Madrid, Paris and Tel Aviv. This summer, slightly smaller but equally vibrant equality marches will take place in Berlin, Stockholm, Amsterdam, London and Kiev.

How to participate in Pride Month

In the post-Soviet space, the topic of unconventional relations evokes a particularly sharp reaction. Companies that decide to bring up the topic of the LGBT + community in this market automatically take a hit from consumers with traditional views on gender. True, the daredevils get not only the anger of the masses – they also receive deep respect from the growing part of the audience that still accepts diversity.

If your business wants to join the world and support Pride Month with one of thousands of others in its marketing activities, it can use approaches that big brands have already tried. We have selected the most interesting of them.

For example, in 2015, Uber launched a new ad campaign that supported the LGBT + community – Whatever Your Road, Ride with Pride. In the video, family and friends get together to take part in the Equality March, and they get there in Uber cars with rainbow symbols.

Skittles also makes a great contribution to the coverage of this topic. Since 2017, the famous brand of bright multicolored dragees has released packs of black and white candies – all of its iridescence, he donated to the LGBT + community. He accompanied this step with the phrase: “During Pride Month, only one rainbow matters. We give ours as a sign of support. “

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Photo source: Adweek

In Ukraine, brands don’t usually launch separate campaigns for Pride Month, but love in same-sex relationships has become the theme of a series of Uklon cards for Valentine’s Day 2019:

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement

The Crello team is also joining the movement. We’ve created a series of striking designs that you can use in your marketing right now.

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To make it even easier to participate in Pride Month, we have collected 10 universal marketing approaches – they will help to tell about the event brightly, but very tolerantly and with dignity.

10 Ideas for Pride Month

1. Organize an eventIn the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

One of the best ways to celebrate Pride Month is with a themed event. This can be anything from watching a movie together (such as Harvey Milk, The Danish Girl, or Bad Parenting) to a flashy costume party on the beach.

The event is a great opportunity to involve not only consumers, but also your team and partners. Even if there are no LGBT + representatives among them, such an event will be one of the reasons to raise the topic of tolerance and honestly talk about what is often hushed up. Openness and transparency are always a plus.

You can tell about the event in social networks, and here Crello themed templates will definitely come in handy. Make an announcement of the event, tell us about its program in the cards, arrange a drawing of free tickets and offer a limited time discount. If you organize everything in a friendly and delicate way, your audience will appreciate it – and sales will grow.

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement

2. Start a promotional campaign In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Pride Month lasts all of June, and you can add some more joy to it by launching a themed campaign that will last the entire first month of summer. For example, you can release a rainbow line and sell it from June 1st to June 30th, or add a special dish to the menu. So, in 2018, rainbow pancakes were served at Dos Caminos restaurants in a New York restaurant during the Pride weekend.

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Image source: Dos Caminos

This initiative is also good from the point of view of PR promotion. If you organize everything correctly and brightly, they will definitely tell about you on social networks and, most likely, write in the media. In addition, you will attract a new audience for which the issues of tolerance are very important for various reasons.

3. Create kampania in social networks

One of the easiest and quickest ways to show your support for the LGBT + community is to launch a social media campaign. Successful activation will increase audience engagement, hook new users and, if viral, will definitely help increase sales. But in any case, you need to understand your target audience well and feel the angle from which it is ready to perceive such topics.

In the West, brands have been launching great campaigns for Pride Month for several years now. One of the best in this is Lush Cosmetics, it has a huge range of bright cosmetic products in its assortment, including in the colors of the rainbow. The brand maintains equality of orientations, often uses the hashtag #gayisok, and also encourages subscribers to share their posts in order to massively share the rainbow.

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To organize a good social media marketing campaign, you need to:

  • prepare quality content that resonates with the values ​​of the LGBT + community and tolerates it;
  • invite the audience to get involved in this movement by asking questions and inviting them to leave a comment;
  • use popular thematic hashtags #pridemonth # pridemonth2019;
  • create a selection of interesting visuals for social media pages using Crello templates.

4. Write a blog article

We all know content is king. If you’re looking for a convenient platform to talk about Pride Month, a company blog is the perfect place. Through a blog, you can directly communicate something to your target audience, add value to loyal subscribers and engage them in the discussion. It is also a great way to increase sales by driving more organic traffic to your site using SEO.

A blog post can serve as a launch pad for launching a Pride Month theme campaign or collection. It can also tell you why your brand supports tolerance and is committed to reaching out to the LGBT + community. Crello’s designers have prepared a series of blog images to help you style this post.

5. Make a newsletter

If you already do mailings and they are effective for your business, why not make a festive newsletter about Pride Month. Here are some tips that will help you keep sales at their peak through June with the help of emails.

First, plan your marketing campaign. What message would you like to broadcast in support of the LGBT + community? Want to share a special offer (like a limited edition newsletter or a discount coupon) or send subscribers directly to your store’s website?

Then start creating your campaign. Work on the text – it should be as strong as the visual.

Schedule your mailing with the profile tools – and click “start”! In order not to spend too much time on the technical part, use systems that will help automate the process. Create a campaign, sit back and just watch sales grow.

The effect will be really dramatic if you come up with an engaging subject line (so you want to open them as soon as possible) and a clear, simple call to action (“share with friends” or “go to the site”).

The most important! More than 50% of recipients open emails on smartphones, so it is extremely important to adapt the campaign to different screens.

6. Support a charitable organization

Helping foundations and organizations that support the LGBT + community is a great way to celebrate this month. You can transfer them a percentage of sales in June or become a sponsor of a thematic campaign.

This year, H&M launched a special collection dedicated to the LGBT + movement – 10% of its sales will be donated to the United Nations Free & Equal Campaign. And IKEA donates all the proceeds from the sale of the rainbow bag to the Human Rights Campaign.

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement

Collaboration with foundations is a great news feed. You can talk about it either on your website or in social networks, or prepare a press release and talk to journalists about this topic.

7. Conduct a competition

Everyone loves contests, and Pride Month is a great opportunity to organize something nice about this topic. You can arrange a contest on social networks, on the website or right in the store.

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If you want maximum engagement, it is better to choose an expensive prize that can attract the general public. To ensure that everything goes smoothly, clearly write down the rules for participation and the timing of the action – this way you will save yourself from many problems.

8. Use a rainbow flag In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”In the meantime, there is no need to worry about it. ”

Pride Month is the month of the rainbow, which has been the official symbol of the LGBT + community for many years now. You can always add more rainbow colors to any campaign.

Whichever option you choose – paint your social networks in a rainbow or add colors to your website – it will be much easier to implement it with Crello. We have prepared a lot of LGBT + thematic templates for any marketing task.

9. Launch the Pride Month draw

The drawing is a great opportunity to draw attention to your business and once again remind you of the range. Let Pride Month be the theme of the June draw. Create a rainbow-colored campaign that you will definitely want to participate in.

Need some inspiration? There are a lot of products with rainbow symbols here – you can pick something in the same style.

10. Celebrate the whole month

Did you know that by using video in marketing, you can raise your CTR (number of clicks) by 300%? If you are in the creative business and love making videos, Pride Month is the perfect time to shoot another video and use it to explain why you think tolerance is important.

In 2015, Android launched a vibrant animated campaign featuring famous people from the LGBT + community and their supporters. One of the great benefits of marketing videos is that they can be used across all platforms, including websites, social media, online ads, and other formats.

You can also ask the audience to share your video as a sign of LGBT + support. If the video turns out to be viral, it will “download” social networks for a very long time.

Pride Month Crello Templates

Crello is a simple and convenient tool for those who create graphic and video content. Crello’s design team has created a series of templates that brands and bloggers can use in their marketing efforts to support the LGBT + community and the inclusiveness of society in general.

Search for templates from our collection by keyword Pride2019. Edit designs and publish them on social networks, websites and blogs, print on postcards and posters! Let there be a rainbow!

Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template
Pride month: how a brand can talk about the LGBT + movement
Use template

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