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marketing insightsIn December 2020, the Crello brand manager went to three conferences and shares her notes.

Hi, my name is Ksyusha, and recently (for the second month now) I have been working as a brand manager at Crello. I have a lot of work to do, and I would like to focus on priorities, but December turned out to be very fruitful at the conference – and I could not miss some of them.

There are so many insights that it will be enough for ten such articles. But since one of the insights is to discard the unnecessary and leave the main thing, I will share only the main one.

Get used to living in a world of hypotheses

This is about the fact that the world has become too fast. Today, quick decisions are more important than correct ones. Decisions need to be made every day. Some of them will definitely turn out to be wrong (and this is not scary – they can always be canceled), but some of them will definitely turn out to be correct. And that’s cool.

And in order to live in such a rhythm it was morally easier, the level of importance of decisions should be reduced. These are not even solutions, but hypotheses – we put forward, validate, move forward.

Simplifying is difficult, but important

Over the past year, only the lazy has not written about the fact that it is simple to complicate, but to simplify is difficult. But this thought is as important as it is popular. Simplifying processes, discarding unnecessary things in tasks and projects is the best thing you can do with your life and business. Why? Because simplicity gives lightness and speed. And there is never a lot of such good.

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Ideas without price

This idea is not new at all. It is believed that many have cool ideas, but the value is not in the ideas themselves, but in the ability to implement them (and do it cool). But there is another interpretation of this thought: if ideas are worthless, they are priceless. This means that they can cost as much as you like.

There are very few companies that have an opinion

There is no such thing as safe disruption. There is no point in whispering an important manifesto. Not talking about uncomfortable, controversial topics is the same as not talking about anything important in principle. There are very few companies that have an opinion. And the world needs as many of them as possible.

Take stupid ideas seriously

Great ideas are often born out of stupid ideas that have been taken seriously. Stupidity does not need to be feared, shy, or avoided, because it stands next to courage. And if a seemingly stupid idea is promoted and implemented with all professionalism and seriousness, you will get a hit.

Create What Matters

Whatever we create, it should make sense. Only what matters has the right to exist and take place and time in the lives of other people. This idea sounded in the context of advertising creation, but I want to transfer it to everything. If we create a product, it must make a difference. If we provide a service, it must make a difference. The era of nonsense, I would like to believe, is coming to an end.

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Do something bold until it becomes the norm.

More and more brands, celebrities, real opinion leaders are starting to talk about “uncomfortable” topics. In the early stages it seems daring, but if you do it for a long time, systematically, everyone will stop taking it as something daring – and will begin to see it as something normal, for granted. This is how the world changes.

I would like that when the Oxford Dictionary chooses the next word (or words) of the year in December, the list includes not “lockdown”, “pandemic” and “coronavirus”, but new synonyms of courage, simplification, value, opinion, creativity, meaning.

That’s all for me.

For the insights, thanks to all the speakers of the “Colleagues on the Internet” conference SETTERS, individual speakers of the SPOM conference and attentive me, who put all this together in a short article.

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