Promotion of a medical website: how to increase traffic of a dental clinic website by 276%

In August 2019, Axioma Dental became our client. SEO of medical sites is always a story about increasing trust in the site so that users do not doubt the integrity and professionalism of the medical center staff. Let’s tell you what happened with us.

What happened in the beginning?

Renat Sharipov,
SEO-optimizer company SEO.RU:

“At the start of the work, the main SEO indicators of a web resource (traffic and positions, in the first place) were very weak – you can even say that there were none. After analyzing the site, it became clear that texts were missing on many pages and it was necessary to increase the semantic core. There were problems with configuring web analytics counters and technical errors. Junk links and outdated design were other barriers to successful promotion.

The goals set by the client were as follows: to increase the recognition of the site and increase traffic at least 2 times. ”

Features of promoting medical sites

Google classifies medical websites as YMYL sites that use the EAT algorithm. This means that such platforms are subject to more stringent requirements for expertise, authority and content reliability.

Medical web resources by definition directly affect human well-being by providing information about health. And health services sites also operate commercially (i.e., affect financial well-being), which attracts double the attention of Google assessors.

With the latest updates to the main Google algorithm, the requirements are only getting stronger. Therefore, in the SEO of medical sites, you need to work much more carefully to ensure that the content of the web resource is as close as possible to the requirements of Google.

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For Yandex, official documentation is important: the website of a private clinic must have all the necessary certificates and licenses for the right to carry out medical activities.

Moreover, as studies show, high-quality link mass is very important for the promotion of clinics.

These distinctive features of medical website optimization formed the basis of the SEO strategy of the Axioma Dental web resource.

What kind of work did we do?

Renat Sharipov

Renat Sharipov,
SEO-optimizer company SEO.RU:

“Considering the importance of reliable content for the Google EAT algorithm, my copywriters and I began to write page by page texts for the site, at least 10 texts per month. In continuation of work on the texts, they began to maintain an article section, since there were no publications there for a long time. Gradually, the number of pages increased, and we began to divide the sections into subsections. We also added sections “Warranty”, “Payment Methods”, “Details” to increase user confidence and commercial ranking factors.

To increase the authority and expertise of the site, we made the cards of the doctors of the clinic more informative. They indicate specializations, education, certificates and experience. This is important both for search robots and for people: dental treatment is a responsible business, doctors are often looked for based on reviews and chosen according to their education level and work experience.

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Axioma Dental Doctor's Card

Three months after the start of work, we shifted the focus to low-quality link mass: there were many links that were not related to medical topics, and they needed to be removed.

In confirmation of the data on the critical importance of the link mass, immediately after the removal of links (after the New Year holidays), the result became noticeable: traffic began to grow, it doubled in a month. Our next step was the redesign. At the end of January 2020, a new design was rolled out, more informative and modern.

Then there was another increase in the number of views and conversions to the site thanks to the optimization of the YouTube channel. We also added a part of the video to the site itself.

In addition, we worked on improving our online reputation and tracking reviews:

review Axioma Dental

In parallel with this, we used the possibilities of external services: in particular, they registered the clinic on medical portals and reference books. ”

Results of work

For 7 months of website optimization, we managed to achieve the goals set by the client and even surpass them – at the end of March 2020, the traffic of the web resource grew by 276%:

Axioma Dental traffic graph

In addition, the number of requests in the top has also grown – now there are 4.6 times more of them.

Eric Pudans

Eric Pudans,
account manager of SEO.RU:

“The high result of SEO-promotion of the site was largely made possible thanks to the well-established interaction with the client: we often discussed the promotion strategy and steps to implement it, the chief physician Dmitry Amiridi and his colleagues suggested their own ideas, some of which we managed to bring to life … Such a high level of involvement in our work can be called exemplary for SEO, because the more responsibly the company takes the process of search engine promotion, the sooner and better the result will be. ”

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