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  • Research: How users choose smartphones and cosmetics, what affects the choice of cars and electronics, how customer behavior changes with age, and how to stimulate sales of clothing in Russia.
  • Life hacks: advice on promotion in the medical field, setting up smart banners and display campaigns, insights for creating campaigns and improving the interface, trends and stereotypes of online advertising.
  • Cases: YAN optimization, search campaigns, look-alike creation, viral jingles and automation.


Smartphone as a gift: what influences the choice of users

Yandex has published two studies on how users search for smartphones:

  1. The results of a survey of 2000 residents of Russia over 18: how they choose and buy smartphones on the Internet. The Yandex team left a portrait of respondents, as well as a picture of their preferences and interests in this topic.

    Full presentation

  2. User paths from the first to the last request before buying a smartphone and accessories in Russia. Experts studied all queries about smartphones and mobile phones of well-known brands according to the Wordstat service for the third quarter of 2018, as well as aggregate data from Yandex.Metrica on conversions in popular online stores and online hypermarkets of technology and electronics.

    Full presentation

From search to ordering: how Russians buy electronics online

Google has studied online consumer buying behavior. The study focuses on where to start buying, what channels are preferred by customers, where users search for information about the brand, and how to get around the barriers that prevent online purchasing.

How the Internet affects the sale of cosmetics and what’s trending now

  1. Kantar TNS for Google on how cosmetics shoppers use the internet. In addition, the material contains forecasts for e-commerce, as well as Olay and Sephora cases.
  2. Google analyzed data on searches and views on YouTube in the Cosmetics category. An important trend is user interest in organic products and ingredients. If you are promoting cosmetics, look at the composition of the product and use it to improve your campaigns.

How to stimulate online clothing sales among Russian users

The behavior of Russians when buying clothes differs from the state when they choose other goods. How exactly users buy clothes in online stores, how they are embarrassed by e-commerce and how to fix it – in a study by Google and Kantar TNS. Here are some interesting facts:

  • in online shopping, Russian buyers value the assortment, convenience and cost of goods above all;
  • YouTube is a key platform for people to watch videos before they buy.
  • most purchases (70%) are still made completely offline;
  • the best in the list of Russian retail sites: BonPrix (73%), Wildberries (71%) and Lamoda (70%).

5 generations of users: how the behavior of Russians on the Internet is changing

Google studied the behavior of five generations of users to understand their characteristics. The study collected interesting facts about audiences of different ages, their preferences on the Internet, as well as convenient ways of interacting with each category to increase conversion rates.

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Automotive industry: trends and a portrait of the Russian buyer

The Think with Google portal has published two studies on the Russian automotive market:

  • on industry trends in 2018. According to the report, the most popular brands in our country were Lada and BMW, but interest in new cars is increasing by 3%. Most of the requests (70%) come from mobile devices, which is 13% more than last year. Full presentation in English.
  • about how Russians choose cars. The study describes how the automotive business has changed, what are the characteristics of the behavior of potential buyers and what digital solutions will help to increase the effectiveness of advertising.

How Russians buy food on the Internet

Google has shared the results of a study on buying food and drinks online in Russia. A few notable facts from the report:

  • only 4% of Russian buyers order food and drinks online – this is the lowest rate among all product categories;
  • the most popular platform for watching videos before buying is YouTube;
  • while shopping, customers prefer to talk less and resolve issues with text messages;
  • the main barrier – it is more convenient to buy at the nearest store.


Life hacks

A recipe for effective promotion of clinics and pharmaceutical companies in Yandex.Direct

The Yandex team talked about what digital tools and solutions are needed to attract people to the clinic and build pharmaceutical brand awareness. At the end of the material, you will find a checklist for promoting clinics and pharmaceutical companies using reach advertising to create demand and performance advertising to work with it.

Smart banners in a smart way: setup checklist

Yandex studied the experience of advertisers who regularly launch campaigns with smart banners and formulated several useful rules:

  • check creatives;
  • filter categories;
  • explore the full potential of the target audience;
  • adjust rates;
  • select a strategy;
  • optimize your campaign;
  • use special reports for analysis.

To launch and optimize smart banners, use the instructions from Yandex.Direct or our materials.

Display campaigns in Yandex.Direct: overview of opportunities

Presentation on the capabilities of display campaigns in Yandex.Direct. The basics and details about the format for those who are going to start working with it. Also in the material are cases and examples of use.

Full presentation

Visitors report: user’s entire history

Alexandra Kulachikova, Yandex.Metrica Promotion Manager, told how to work with the Visitors report. The report will help you view the history of interactions with users and find out how many times the client came from advertising sources and how much he spent over the entire time.

AppMetrica: custom events

Two video tutorials on working in the AppMetrica mobile analytics service. Service consultant Alexander Sibrikov has detailed how to create and configure your own events in AppMetrica reports.

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Baking Liquor: Creative Campaigns Based on Unexpected Insights

This material contains cases from foreign brands. They will help you find ideas and creative hypotheses for promotion. Companies have used unusual insights to drive profits. For example, Baileys was able to increase sales by 11% and net income by 54% in a year by explaining in a TV commercial how you can save a failed cupcake or fruit salad with a little Baileys liquor.

How Russians’ habits and needs will change in the coming years

The specialists of the Media Direction Group agency Alena Razbirina and Irina Fetisova identified the development vectors that will shape the communication context in Russia in the coming years. Marketing trends include:

  • optimization of advertising channels;
  • micro targeting;
  • Artificial Intelligence;
  • a-commerce – automated trade and logistics;
  • chat bots.

Popular stereotypes that crashed against statistics

In this article, Google has dispelled five popular myths about online user behavior. For example, it is not true that people over 55 do not use the Internet – in 2017, twice as many people of this age started using the mobile network.


Through the eyes of users: where to start improving the mobile interface

Detailed material on working with the device emulator in Google Chrome – a tool that shows how the site will look on different screens. Let’s analyze how to start the device emulator and what you can do in it.

mobile interface

Four tips for promoting e-commerce

MyTarget experts have published recommendations for promoting online stores. They identified four main areas:

  • creation of clear and catchy advertising messages;
  • reflection of the site’s advantages in creatives;
  • use of relevant formats;
  • optimization of advertising settings.

By following them, you can bring more customers to your online store.

5 targeting options to make your ad more effective

myTarget shared non-standard targeting approaches that will help increase accuracy and show ads only to the target audience. In this article, you will learn how to work with the following tools:

  • contextual targeting;
  • local targeting;
  • targeting by psychotypes;
  • interest targeting;
  • targeting by weather.


How to receive 11 applications from a landing page per day in complex b2b topics

Case of the Sercons group working in the field of conformity assessment. They managed to receive 2,210 calls in 325 working days, and in total, the campaign brought 3574 applications – or 11 calls per working day. Experts used one ad for each million-plus city with a link to a dynamic landing page with a custom script, which substituted a search phrase in the title in the required form. As a result, the bounce rate dropped by 18 p.p. and the time on the site increased by 24 seconds.

case ZhK Sercons

Read the full case

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How to optimize YAN and get 10.5 times more credit card applications

As part of the experiment, Alfa-Bank switched rates management in YAN to the automatic strategy “Average cost of conversion”. A submitted card request was considered a conversion. The specialists also carried out a comprehensive audit of text and text-graphic creatives, used different ad groupings and key phrases. As a result, the order price decreased 4.6 times, and the number of requests increased 10.5 times.

Read the full case

How to create and warm up audience interest in YAN for high season

Case of the European manufacturer of leather goods Wittchen. The company has set itself the goal of increasing awareness for the hot vacation season. We used the following tools and formats: graphic banners with promotional offers in YAN; display campaigns in Yandex.Direct; bid adjustments for the pixel-based segment; retargeting with a focus on smart banners. In the second quarter, YAN brought more new users than search, brand demand grew by 34%, the number of conversions – by 76%.

Read the full case

How retargeting to buyers and their look-alikes brought in a third of YAN revenue

The Il de Bote cosmetics store was able to increase YAN’s income by 30.5% through retargeting to its own customers and similar audiences. Read on to learn how to create and customize customer segments in Audiences for each ad group.

Read the full case

PEK Reaches a Record 71% Increase in Conversions After SEO Optimization

Transport company PEC conducted an experiment: it optimized all search campaigns using the “3A” strategy: Attribution, Automation, Audiences. This helped to measure the effectiveness of campaigns and the account as a whole. Read more about each step in the Google material.

How viral ad jingles boosted interest in the Tmall brand by 225%

Case of the store of branded goods Tmall and the agency MGCom. The specialists segmented the audience and worked out the scenario and frequency of impressions for each segment. For promotion, we used the formats TrueView for the coverage set and TrueView for Action for lead generation. Then the Brand Lift study was launched to measure user reaction to each ad jingle. Based on the research results, targeting and campaign settings were adjusted. As a result, recognition increased by 64%, and memorability – by 126%.

Fitomarket made a name for itself and increased sales with an automated sales campaign

Healthcare online store Fitomarket and Artics Internet Solutions tested a smart marketing campaign that focuses on both performance and branding. As a result, the number of online orders increased by 175% and the cost of the order (CPO) dropped by half, while the total number of conversions from the channel increased by 77% over the same period. The case also explains how to set up and work with the format.

The story behind the Floating Action Button in Material Design The story behind the Floating Action Button in Material Design

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