The best free tools to check and track SERP in 2021

If you want to rank higher and get more organic traffic to your website, free SERP verification tools are great to help you rank in search engines. Let’s look at what a SERP is and why the SERP verification tool is vital to your business.

The SERP verification tools are essential to get an idea of ​​which websites rank in search engine results and Google rankings for the keyword you’re targeting. This crucial data you have gained is not only the study of the target positions, but also the strategy you will follow to rank higher.

Ranking higher is quietly equivalent to getting more potential customers to your website. With the Keyword Rank Checker, you’ll be closer as a strategy for turning potential customers into sales.

Whether you are an agency or a small business, online ranking and presence is an indispensable optimization for all levels of business you do.

With the free SERP verification and tracking tools, you just need to enter the keywords you want to follow, whether desktop or mobile. Once you analyze them, integrate SEO tools to your website to audit your website according to the data you have obtained from the SERP results.

Top 5 free SERP verification and tracking tools to analyze your target keywords

Here we have put together the free SERP verification and tracking tools to help you see search results from any country in real time. With these free tools, you’ll learn more about ranking difficulty, organic traffic, and position history. You’ll then have a chance to change the selected keywords with low-hard keywords, such as longer keywords.

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Let’s now compare 5 free SERP verification and tracking tools to find the best one for your business:

  • Arefs
  • Whatsmyserp
  • SpySERP
  • AccuRanker
  • SerpWatch


Ahrefs offers a limited free version for SERP ranking analysis, and the websites for the keyword you target will be able to see the first three ranked websites as free.

Unlike other tools, Ahrefs has many free SEO tools that you can easily use and test the effectiveness of your website. If you want to see all the results for your search, you can sign up for a 7-day free trial or paid versions to improve organized SEO. However, there are not many keyword ranking records in their tracker, you can just search for a ranking by one keyword.

Ahrefs SERP Checker search bar


Another alternative for keyword verification is Whatsmyserp. With the tool, you’ll track your keywords for an unlimited number of domains for your target keywords as free.

whatsmyserp tool
Whatsmyserp search bar

With this rank checker, you’ll be able to track your keywords indefinitely without registering. Whatsmyserp offers an exceptional opportunity as an unlimited way compared to other tools to track the functions of SERP and your site and competition.


With SpySERP it will be so easy to check the SERP results whether for Google, Bing, Yandex and Yahoo you can choose your specific browser that you want to see in the results.

When you select the device, you will see the differences between the desktop and mobile versions in terms of ranking the website as a location. SpySERP provides a dual report for you as desktops and mobile devices. If there is any different position in the ranking of your website on mobile devices, the tool will give you an idea of ​​it and you will take quick action to optimize it.

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SpySERP search bar

Also, the Rank Checker tool lets you search for a custom language, the report reflects differences, and provides advanced reports for your platform.


If you’re looking for basic SERP tracking software, AccuRanker offers you the best search results like Google’s appearance. You’ll be able to see the results exactly as Google shows you.

This rank checker tool is extremely useful as it is a free version. AccuRanker shows you ads, local and search results with up to 5 times free searches every day. With this tool you can check the differences between mobile and desktop computer separately.

AccuRanker search bar


SerpWatch is an advanced rank tracking tool with deep insights for rank tracking and workflow optimization. It features other rank tracking tools for advanced image recognition systems. In addition, they show you the exact position of your website’s domain ranking for the keywords you’ve entered into their controller.

There is a limit to the keywords you want to check on SerpWatch, a maximum of 5 words that you can analyze every day for free for your website and see the rankings. You need to register for more details on the tool provided for the SERP results.


It is so obvious that the right keywords improve your organic CTR and search engine rankings and your website will be more visible in the SERP. These rank verification tools help you narrow the keyword gap with your competitors and rank higher in the browser you choose for your business.

By using these tools effectively, there will be no obstacle to turning your website traffic into potential sales.

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