The sheet turns … or 10 ways to style long texts on the site

Long text problems arise on the site all the time. But site information is often important enough, especially in the b2b sector, to be ruthlessly removed from the site. Long texts can appear on a web resource both at the stage of creating a site, and during its maintenance and development. Especially often long texts of the main page of the site or, for example, the longest descriptions of categories in the list of goods of an online store, interfere with perception and spoil the impression. How to make a text selling – we told you in other materials, so here we will not touch on this topic. So, given – we want to place a long text on the page.

How to style long text on a website

What we can do:

  • To structure information and arrange it in separate visually attractive blocks. Often, such blocks, in addition to the text, have a headline that sells a call, an image.
  • Split information and make it tabs (tabs). An effective tool for solving the problem of “lack of space” on the site page. Tab headings can be aligned horizontally or vertically. The tab names themselves can be words or icons, or a combination of both.
  • Break up the information and arrange the switch in the form of slides. Slide switching effects can be very diverse.
  • Hide some of the information under the clickable spoiler. (Example: “Read more” in Vkontakte).
  • Divide information into separate blocks and make them openable like an accordion. With the help of the nested accordion structure, you can not only save space on the Internet project page, but also give it individuality.
  • Make a piece of information pop-up or pop-up. Please note, however, that this may make it difficult to view information comfortably on mobile devices.
  • A technique often considered obsolete is to use a text scrolling window. In this case, your text has a scroll bar similar to, for example, the browser’s scroll bar.
  • Make a part of the text show on hover or click on the image. Often used to display a description of a photo, text of a promotion on a banner, etc. It is desirable for the user to understand what action he should perform to obtain additional information and where it is hidden.
  • If this has something in common with the theme of the site, the information of the page or block can be arranged in the format of a book / booklet with the effect of turning pages.
  • Re-read the text again and, if possible, turn part of it into infographics. Infographics are visualizations of data or ideas that aim to deliver complex information to an audience in a quick and understandable way. Infographic tools, in addition to illustrated images, can include graphs, charts, flowcharts, tables, maps, lists, etc.
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Important when designing texts

  • Do not hide the most important information and benefits initially.
  • The order of reading the information must be clear.
  • The content of the hidden information must be clear before it is opened (for example, a link to the “Order of work” tab is made with text or an icon, but not an expressive arrow).
  • Do not bring information for the sake of design if that information is important.
  • The effects used should be consistent with the overall style of the site.
  • Let’s not forget about typography. Font, alignment, highlight, headings and subheadings, lists, etc. – it is desirable to pay attention to everything.

I want to style the text! I want to design a site!

Order the design of the texts and pages of your site to the specialists of the Center for Internet Solutions and Technologies “ONVOLGA”. Let’s emphasize the main thing, highlight the advantages, turn the “sheet” of text into a page with an effective and efficient presentation.

Ask any question you are interested in about the design of texts on the site or leave an order for support or maintenance of the site by phone (8442) 98-51-54, 8-917-338-51-54, 8-902-387-17-27 by filling out form “Request: support, site maintenance” or “Content support” or by e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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