The site is in the top, but there are no orders: why and what to do

The author of the article: Vladimir Sumatohin,
technologist SEO expert at SEO.RU

Although getting to the top of the search results is not very easy, it is much more difficult to reach the desired level of sales from the site. Let’s take a look at the opportunities SEO has for sales growth and what to do with stubborn conversions.

Why Top 10 ≠ Sales Growth?

Working through expectations: SEO and sales growth are interrelated processes, but these relationships are governed by probability, not strong causality. SEO is designed to bring targeted traffic, increase website traffic, and increase visits to the target audience. Sales from a site are its conversion, and it may differ from traffic. You can increase your traffic 100 times, but this does not guarantee that your sales will increase 100 times.

Don’t be fooled if you are guaranteed a boost in sales after SEO: it cannot be guaranteed. Read about this and other important parameters about search engine optimization in the article “What you need to know before buying SEO: 7 facts that will save money and time.”

Then what is the relationship between SEO and sales?

An SEO specialist works for targeted traffic, this is his main task. Targeted traffic is generated by visits to the target audience (CA) – these are people interested in buying a product or receiving a service. Some of these people are converting into buyers. And the more CA representatives visit the site, the more of them will buy or order something on it.

But SEO is not a magic pill, and converting a visitor into a buyer can take a long time for various reasons. A website promotion agency cannot control many things: the price offer, competitors, market conditions, the state. If competitors sell the same goods or services at a lower price, the SEO specialist will only recommend reducing the price to the market average, but he will not be able to make this decision.

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Internal reasons for the lack of orders from the site

All things being equal, the reasons for conversion problems lie within the site. There are a lot of them, we will list three main ones:

  • The site is inconvenient to use (not all users are navigation geniuses, they need help to find the right things).
  • The site does not inspire the confidence of the visitor (and he parted with the money).
  • The user cannot find the required product / service.

These are very generalized options, inside each of them, like in a nesting doll, there are already smaller problems of the site. Targets in statistics systems (Yandex.Metrica, Google Analytics) help to identify them. First, you need to set the highest priority goals. For the convenience of data analysis, 3-6 of the most basic goals are sufficient.

For example, the goal is to add an item to the cart. If users add a product to the cart, go to it, but do not place an order, then the problem lies precisely in this moment – in the checkout process. This is how all goals work, helping to track the points at which the conversion does not occur, although everything went towards it.

Commercial factors as the reason for low conversions

  • High prices compared to competitors, or lack thereof. It is necessary to conduct a comparative analysis of the prices of the promoted site and the prices of competitors. Then try to lower the price of the most popular product and compare how the conversion has changed.
  • Lack of a unique product offer (USP). Everyone is already accustomed to promotions and bonuses so much that their absence will cause an acute reluctance to part with money until the coveted discount or promotional product appears.
  • Incorrect work of feedback forms. Everything is simple here: through a non-working form, the client will not be able to contact you or place an order. Problems are checked here by test submission.
  • Few or many items are out of stock. The user simply cannot find the desired product, and those on the site do not suit him. It is necessary to constantly expand the assortment and control the availability of commodity items. One option is to add a “Inquire about availability” button with a pop-up data collection window. In addition, the product card is an additional entry point to the site.
  • Expensive delivery. At the moment, most marketplaces deliver goods for free, and this is an important competitive advantage. It is not very profitable to buy goods for 600 rubles and pay 300 for delivery.
  • The store does not inspire confidence among buyers:
    • No warranty or return conditions.
    • No positive reviews.
    • Unknown store brand.
    • No legal information about the store.
    • The product cards are poorly designed (no product photos, information about availability, characteristics, product reviews, prices).
    • There is no information about the company and the main methods of communication.

You understand that people need bread and circuses. We figured out the “bread” in the previous paragraphs, now let’s move on to the “spectacles”. More precisely, to the extent to which the site is convenient and attractive for the visitor.

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Usability issues that reduce website sales

  • The basket is not highlighted in the general structure.
  • Inconvenient site structure (no breadcrumbs, categories are illogical).
  • Outdated design (everyone likes it to be beautiful and pleasing to the eye).
  • Difficulties in placing an order (many fields in the feedback form, no selection of required fields, no information about delivery times, no online payment and other payment options).
  • Unclickable / unattractive buttons and no call to action.
  • Unattractive product tiles on listing pages (no Buy buttons, no product discount information).
  • It is not clear what the site is about (yes, it happens).

Not just SEO: more work to do to increase conversions

  • Use different communication channels: contextual advertising, SMM, mailings, offline activities, services from search engines (for example, maps).
  • Work on the company’s brand, increase its awareness, use the full power of word of mouth.
  • Search for unreached user requests and solve those problems that competitors do not undertake to solve.
  • Follow changes in the Internet market and search technologies. Or entrust it to a smart SEO company – then don’t miss anything.
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