Training materials for May-June 2019. Issue 17 –

Research: how users choose cars and real estate, use voice assistants; development of the e-commerce market and the specifics of the young generation’s purchasing behavior

Life hacks: what you need to know about automatic optimization of conversions on search, how to run video ads; what to read in your free time.

CasesKey objectives, video ads, smart campaigns, and retargeting.

Conference materials and webinars: mobile advertising in Yandex.Direct, promotion rules in YAN, analysis of errors when launching contextual advertising and optimization of campaigns to improve efficiency.


Yandex, Google, myTarget and analytical companies studied trends in the automotive industry and the online market for applications, products and drugs, and also found out how customers choose watches and cosmetics.


  1. How users prepare for their vacations and plan their travels online.
  2. Real estate industry analytics for the first quarter of 2019.

Google Ads

  1. Interests and behavior of buyers in the automotive category on the Internet:
    Inquiries about cars
    Statistics for 2018
  2. How the online market for mobile applications is developing:

    Google play

  3. Four trends in the food market for 2019: a new look at nutrition and healthy lifestyle, the search for new tastes and ingredients, sustainability and food participation in the formation of society.
  4. How Generations Y and Z differ – and what brands should talk to.

    YouTube popularity

  5. How buyers choose cosmetics online.



  1. Online commerce in Russia 2018.
  2. Market development of one-stop online stores.
  3. How to buy watches on the Internet – 2018 report.


Life hacks

Advertising systems told how to increase the efficiency of placement, choose the format successfully and attract new customers.

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Yandex: dynamic ads, segmentation, search conversion optimization

  1. Playlist with training videos about segmentation in Metrica.

  2. Videos about successful moderation in Yandex.Direct:
  3. Checklist for setting up dynamic ads in Yandex.Direct.
  4. Answers to frequently asked questions about running search conversion optimization with manual bid management.
  5. How to attract new customers using Yandex.Maps.

Google: video campaigns and analytics

  1. How-to: how to optimize your YouTube campaigns.
  2. The main elements of digital transformation: analyzing our company.
  3. Ten useful books for internet marketers.

myTarget: Playable Ads, Local Business Tools & Targeting

  1. Tips for working with interactive video format with Playable Ads demo.
  2. How small businesses can find clients on the Internet – five recommendations.
  3. DMP segment targeting – tool settings and features.

“VKontakte”: advertising formats in the feed


Hands-on experience and success stories to help you find solutions for campaign optimization.

Yandex.Direct: video ads, Maps, retargeting and key goals

  1. Testing video add-ons and video ads to drive sales.
  2. How time targeting helped to increase the number of orders by 7 times – the case “Papa John’s”.
  3. How advertising of a mobile application increased its turnover by 2.5 times while maintaining the DRR – the case of
  4. Optimizing your account structure and setting new key goals increased conversions by 25%.
  5. An experiment by Philips to target its own offline segment of event attendees in display advertising.
  6. How to optimize off-season retargeting and increase conversions 16x.
  7. As a car dealer, he attracted thousands of calls from new customers for 38.5 rubles using Cards.

Google Ads: YouTube and Smart Shopping Campaigns

  1. TV creative posted on YouTube increased interest in the brand by 65%.
  2. How a smart shopping campaign increased O’Stin’s revenue by 1490%.
  3. Experience of Avito and Avtoteka in launching advertising on YouTube.
  4. A selection of video ads for inspiration and insight:
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myTarget: Remarketing and Mobile Apps

  1. Attracting drivers to the taxi service aggregator app and scaling the campaign.
  2. How the resort managed to increase occupancy during the high season through remarketing.

“VKontakte”: promoting local business

Conferences and webinars


  1. Recording of the broadcast of the Yandex.Realty conference.
  2. Possibilities and solutions for working with mobile advertising in Yandex.Direct.



  1. Analysis and optimization of advertising campaigns in Yandex.Direct after launch.
  2. YAN advertising rules: how to get more conversions.
  3. How to manage search campaigns in Google Ads after launch.
  4. How to customize ads on the Google Display Network.
  5. Effective ad remarketing: how to return those who did not become a client.
  6. Power BI for Agencies: Reporting and Campaign Monitoring.
  7. Automation of contextual advertising: from generation to management.

Upcoming webinars:

  1. Changes in Yandex.Direct: conversion optimization when manually managing bids.
  2. Typical mistakes when launching contextual advertising in Yandex.Direct and Google Ads.
  3. How to set up analytics using Google Tag Manager.
  4. We analyze advertising and improve its effectiveness using Yandex.Metrica.
  5. Retargeting in Yandex.Direct: from basics to performance analysis.
  6. Setting up search advertising in Yandex.Direct.

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