Tutorials for January-February 2020. Issue 21 – ppc.world

  • Research: user behavior before March 8, dynamics of cost per click in Google PPC advertising, trends in automotive, jewelry and banking topics and analysis of the online retail export market.

  • Cases: real estate promotion, unusual video ad solutions, Zen ad conversions and a tannery success story.

  • Upcoming eLama webinars: how not to drain the budget into YAN and set up effective video advertising with any budget.


Analysts from Yandex, Google, myTarget and Data Insight told how users behave before March 8, how the cost of a click in Google contextual advertising has changed, what trends are observed in the automotive, jewelry and banking topics, as well as what is happening in the online retail export market …

Yandex Analytics


  1. Analysis of digital channels of jewelry industry players and recommendations for marketing development.Jewelry industry
  2. Impact of inclusive ads on consumer behavior.
  3. How cost per click changes in Google contextual advertising – infographics.Cost per click


  1. Targeted advertising trends in the automotive segment.Automotive segment trends
  2. The interest of Russian Internet users in banking products.
  3. How Runet users are preparing for March 8.

March 8 Behavior

Data insight

  1. Online retail export market in Russia – infographics.

  2. Retail export of goods via the Internet: market volume, dynamics of orders and revenue, structure of online export, countries.

Online export


Video ads for the developer and brokerage service, getting conversions from ads in Zen and the success story of a tannery.


  1. How a developer’s witty video ad boosted message recall by 39%.

  2. The influence of a banner on the Yandex Home Page on sales in Askona offline stores.

  3. How to get not only traffic from Yandex Zen, but also conversions: Tinkoff’s experience.

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  1. How NTV-Plus with the online TV service reached 47% of the YouTube audience through video advertising.

  2. Creative video advertising for the Tinkoff Investments service: reduced the cost of attracting a client by three times.

  3. How Hansa ads on YouTube and KMS increased sales by 133%.


  1. ELama case: a step-by-step plan for promoting residential real estate in myTarget.

  2. Targeted advertising tools for effective bank promotion.

“In contact with”

  1. Chatbot, VKontakte advertising and half a million sales: the Solemate case.

  2. How a tannery gets 300 sales from VKontakte every month.

eLama: upcoming webinars

  1. Setting up YAN in Yandex.Direct: how not to waste your budget and get conversions.

  2. Effective video advertising for any budget: YouTube, Instagram and VKontakte.

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