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Research: user behavior during the November holidays and Black Friday; real estate promotion trends, e-commerce, banks; how the online market for pharmacies and children’s products is changing and how big the e-commerce market has reached in the first half of 2019.

Life hacks: updated Yandex.Direct interface, video network capabilities, turbo pages for online stores; analytics and promotion of mobile applications; how the new oCPM model works and how to work with targeting settings.

Cases: advertising for Dodo Pizza, Raiffeisenbank, Hoff, Nivea, Mazda and other companies of all kinds.

Materials from conferences and webinars: Big Yandex expedition, Google Think Auto conference and upcoming eLama webinars.


Experts from Yandex, myTarget and DataInsight found out how users behave in the fall, what are the trends in the promotion of real estate and the banking sector, and how the online market for pharmacies and children’s goods is changing.

Analytics from Yandex

  1. For which demand is growing on the eve and during the November holidays.
  2. How users behave during Black Friday.


  1. Advertising autumn: how the interests of the audience are changing and what needs to be considered when promoting.
  2. Real estate promotion: trends and audience research with an interest in buying.
  3. The main trends in online promotion in the banking sector.Banking Segment Trends
  4. Targeted advertising trends in e-commerce.


  1. Ecommerce Ecosystem in Russia – 2019: Big Map.

  2. The market for online trade between individuals: volume, portrait of sellers, goods, dynamics of the number of buyers and sellers.

  3. Key indicators and trends of the online children’s goods market.Children's products

  4. Conversion and marketing services in online stores.

  5. Online pharmacy market 2018.Online pharmacies

  6. The size of the Russian e-commerce market in the first half of 2019.

  7. Features of delivery of online stores in the Northwestern Federal District.

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Life hacks

Advertising systems share useful tips on how to analyze and promote mobile games and applications and work with the updated Yandex.Direct interface.

Yandex: new Yandex.Direct interface, video network capabilities, turbo pages

  1. What Yandex.Direct auto strategies can do and what a person cannot.

  2. Moderation in Yandex.Direct for insurance services.

  3. Checklist for preparing for Black Friday.

  4. Features of the new Yandex.Direct interface – recording a webinar.

  5. Navigation in the new Yandex.Direct interface – short video.

  6. Video about customizing the appearance and personalization of Yandex.Direct sections.

  7. Turbo pages for online stores – recording a webinar.

  8. Yandex Video Network: New Advertising Opportunities – Webinar Recording.



“In contact with”

  1. What is oCPM and how to work with it.

  2. Debriefing: how to work with targeting settings.


Yandex: promotion of real estate, health resort and autoshop

  1. How to overfulfill the sales plan for a complex and expensive product via the Internet by 2.5 times – the case of a manufacturer of long-burning boilers.

  2. Effect of display advertising for residential complexes near Yekaterinburg: + 127% growth in brand interest.

  3. How call tracking and translation of search advertising into auto strategy reduced the cost of treatment by a third – the case of Tyumen dentistry.

  4. How YAN helped attract 3.2 more Russians to health resorts in Belarus – with the same CPA.

  5. How did the feed formats help the auto shop get 4.5 times more conversions?

Google: Boosts Brand Awareness, Increases Credit Card Sales, and Personalizes YouTube Ads

  1. The site is a point of attraction: how Raiffeisenbank increased digital sales of debit cards by 2.2 times.

  2. From theory to practice: how Hoff tests hypotheses and grows sales with Google.

  3. One solution: How YouTube ads boosted awareness of two PepsiCo brands at a reduced cost per 1,000 impressions.

  4. Advertising on YouTube helped Pedigree Dentastix brand increase offline sales by 10.9%.

  5. A big difference, or as Nivea tested the effectiveness of two video providers.

  6. For quality and quantity: How dynamic remarketing helped Jaguar Land Rover attract new customers and reduce CPA by 45%.

  7. For Everyone: How Personalized YouTube Ads Helped 7Up Promote a New Product.

  8. The most cited cases of August: hot nuggets, tips from the furniture catalog and drawings come to life.

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myTarget: CPL reduction with contextual targeting and the impact of social media advertising on offline sales

  1. How the bank managed to reduce the cost of the application using contextual targeting.

  2. Mazda: Contextual Targeting Reduced Target Lead Cost by 22%

  3. Developer experience: how to get applications from social networks using Lead Ads.

  4. How targeted advertising affects offline sales – Askona case.

“In contact with”

  1. How to attract 2,244,678 new subscribers for Dodo Pizza in six months.

Conferences and webinars

  1. Big Yandex Expedition.

  2. Video advertising today: all insights from the Yandex Video Day conference.

  3. Video recording of the Google Think Auto conference.

eLama: upcoming webinars

  1. How to set up analytics using Google Tag Manager.

  2. Promotion on Facebook from A to Z.

  3. How to attract your target audience to the site and increase conversion using the auto funnel.

  4. How to automate the creation and updating of advertising campaigns for an online store.

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