Website Optimization: Best SEO Techniques and Trends for 2021

What is website optimization and promotion?

SEO (site optimization) is a comprehensive development and improvement of a site according to the requirements of search engines for the appearance of site pages on the first page of search results.

According to the direction of work, it is customary to distinguish internal and external optimization. External website optimization is work on the environment of the web site, internal – work on the site itself.

Internal SEO

  • Optimization of pages. In another way, on-page optimization. This site improvement is page by page: the stake is not made on the entire site, but on its individual pages. The technical and textual aspects, as well as usability, are being improved.
  • Website technical optimization. This is fundamental SEO, which is where internal site optimization begins and without which everything else is meaningless: it doesn’t matter how beautiful the site is if it doesn’t open. As part of technical optimization, you need to find and remove duplicate pages, select a suitable CMS and transfer the site to it, correctly build site navigation, set up robots.txt and sitemap.xml files. It is equally important to adapt the site for mobile devices and speed it up as much as possible – for Google these are extremely important parameters.

    An example of a mobile version – Wildberries online store

  • Commercial factors (CF). This aspect is important for SEO optimization of online stores, and it only becomes more important for successful e-commerce promotion. To increase CF, you need to pay attention to how the product is presented on the site: there are unique photos and videos, detailed characteristics, reviews, documentation, filtering by various parameters. The other side of the issue is interaction with a potential buyer: noticeable order buttons, including one-click ordering, as well as blocks of similar and recommended products, an online chat with a consultant, a callback order button, and full information about payment and delivery.

    Option to order a call back on the clinic website

    Option to order a call back on the clinic website

  • Behavioral factors (PF). This aspect of optimization has become especially discussed in 2020 and will definitely not lose popularity in 2021. Work on PF is concerned mostly with improving the user experience on the site: improving usability, developing content and design, and pagination needs to be optimized. Results are tracked by parameters such as bounce rate, time on site, viewing depth, snippet click-through rate.

    Checking the CTR of a snippet in Yandex.Webmaster

    Checking the CTR of a snippet in Yandex.Webmaster

External SEO

The scope of work and emphasis on a particular direction depends on the initial state of the site. This also determines how much website optimization costs.

Features of optimization for different search engines

Different search engines have different ranking formulas, and these formulas have many factors, each of which has its own weight that affects the position in the search results. Depending on the region of promotion and local binding of the business, the list of what is included in site optimization is determined in different ways.


Yandex search robots closely assess text factors, in particular semantics. Therefore, when promoting sites in this PS, you need to carefully collect and cluster the semantic core, cutting off all inappropriate queries. There is also a toolkit for this – Wordstat.



To work with this service, there is a convenient browser extension – Yandex Wordstat Assistant.

For seo optimization for Yandex requirements, regionality is important, so you need to link the site to the region in Ya.Webmaster, and also fill out a profile in Ya. Directory.

The algorithms of this search engine are highly sensitive to PF cheating: the punishment for this can be severe, up to the complete loss of the site from the search results for six months. Behavioral promotion in Yandex has a more noticeable effect, but due to such sanctions, you need to act carefully.

The affiliate filter is another Yandex difference. Although the search representatives themselves deny the presence of this filter, we can say for sure that sanctions can be applied for cloning sites in order to take more places in search results. If the crawler detects twin sites that are trying to rank at the top for the same queries, then all but one of the search results will fly out – and not the fact that the main one.

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Some other site parameters are prioritized by Google.

First of all – mobile first. Google experts have been talking about the main role of mobile site adaptation for several years. The share of mobile traffic is really growing steadily, so not having a responsive design or mobile version = losing customers.

Runet audience structure

The structure of the Runet audience: the share of only mobile traffic significantly exceeds the share of only desktop traffic; most traffic – from desktop and mobile together

As mentioned earlier, links work on Google. To increase the trust of the search engine, you need to look for external thematic sites with unique domains and high trust, indicate relevant anchors and do it as naturally as possible.

Google evaluates content based on broader data than semantics: search bots are learning to better understand context, synonyms, and other language subtleties. This is most noticeable in the English-language search results, but the search results in other languages ​​are gradually changing. Therefore, site content that is promoted by Google should be created taking into account the intent, as well as the EAT rules.

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Other search engines

Less popular search engines – Bing, Mail.Ru, Yahoo and others – generate a negligible share of traffic. Therefore, promotion is usually not launched specifically for them, they fall into the overall strategy. Promotion in these search engines is carried out in the same ways as in Yandex and Google.

What Happened to Business in 2020 and How It Impacted SEO

The pandemic that quarantined all offline life in the spring of 2020 has dramatically changed shopping behavior. All stores without online trading platforms are still without customers. Everyone who could have switched to the Internet, launched delivery services and took the lead, leaving their competitors far behind. It is the speed of adaptation to new customer habits that has become a priority.

Initially, the interest of Internet buyers revolved around well-known players – large hypermarkets such as Ozone or Wildberries. But over time, demand began to erode: more and more people in search of new and high-quality open for themselves highly specialized stores. This gave a chance to small online platforms: they usually find it difficult to fight the giants of online commerce, to which they are much inferior in assortment, discounts, payment methods and delivery. In the new reality, reaching out to your customers has become a little easier.

The increase in online buying activity itself forces sellers to develop their sites. In SEO e-commerce, optimization of commercial factors comes to the fore. Competition is increasing at all levels: from prices and assortment to usability and website design. The presentation of goods and services in photo and video format has become one of the key for promotion, therefore, image optimization for the site is also necessary.

It has become more difficult for Google to reach the top for YMYL queries: the attention of bots to sites affecting the life, health and well-being of citizens has increased, as have the requirements for them. To get to the top of Google, website optimization in 2020 simply has to include analysis and processing of content under the EAT rules.

Search engines also reacted to the transition of buyers from offline to online: they do their best to keep users inside the search results and their services.

Website optimization in 2021: main trends

Everything that happened to business and the Internet in 2020 will definitely affect which trends will set the tone for website optimization in 2021. However, the features of search engines and their understanding of what sites should be for the first page of search results will play a significant role.


Yandex has built the vertical of the most important ranking factors. In 2021, load speed, commercial, text and link factors are likely to grow in importance. Behavioral assessment will be made more difficult by the development of machine learning algorithms. It is quite possible that Yandex will completely overestimate the ranking mechanisms, complicate and combine many factors at once.

The retention of users in the search results itself and in Yandex services will also continue. Yandex will develop and promote its sites – Market, Maps, Services and especially Zen as a traffic channel. Site owners and webmasters need to be prepared for this.

The value of reviews will grow: on its own sites (including Ya Browser) Yandex encourages users to leave reviews about companies, places, products and sites. There is no doubt that this data will eventually begin to be used in the ranking formula, and external SEO of the site will not lose its importance.


For many years Google has been calling for people-friendly websites. In 2021, this convenience will include:

  • mobility. Mobile website optimization will only become more important for successful promotion.
  • download speed. It logically follows from the first point.
  • useful content with an emphasis on expertise and reliability of information. High-quality content for Google is more than texts saturated with relevant semantics: it relies on the real needs of users, which are difficult to find from a list of key queries.

Optimizing sites for Google should also include working with voice search. Research shows that 20% of all mobile searches are voice. There is no doubt that this share will grow in 2021. And here again, work is required on the content of the site – on its structure, headers, micro-markup and non-standard requests.

In conclusion, we note that in 2021 the requirements for sites will become more stringent – and this will especially affect e-commerce. Search engines do not want to undermine the credibility of their own search results, so internal and external website optimization should be aimed at making sites as comfortable, safe as possible, and solving the problems of their visitors.

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