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After the release of the new Commander, I carefully reviewed it, identified the flaws and published a detailed review. At the end of April, the program was updated again, and I can’t wait to find out what has changed in it. Let’s take a look at this together.

Copying and pasting column contents

We’ve all been waiting for this moment. In the new version, you can now quickly copy and paste the contents of entire columns into Excel at the campaign, group, ad, phrase level. So, you can manipulate data faster. True, only one column is copied here.

The old version is different. If we need to select and copy several columns, then we simply select each of them sequentially. This is very convenient if you need, for example, to transfer keywords from the Commander to Excel in a separate column.

Or edit a large number of ads, select several columns, transfer to Excel, edit again and transfer them back to Commander.

Even in the pop-up window of the old Commander, you can edit the columns, selecting only those that are needed in the work. And after work, everything comes back. We are waiting for such revision in the new version.

edit columns

Auto split phrases

If there are more than 200 keys in a group, then in the old Commander you can split the current group into several new ones with just one button. You don’t need to bother with asterisks or key counts for each individual group.

Auto split phrases

In the new version, the disclaimer “Exceeded the maximum number of phrases” simply hangs, and there is no magic button that splits the phrases. So you have to do everything manually.

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Dashboards in the new Commander

In the new version, only two work panels can be selected, for example:

  • campaigns and groups;
  • groups and phrases;
  • groups and announcements.

work panels

In the old version, you can select three work panels, and if the account is an agent, then all four. In principle, this is not a minus, but a matter of taste: it is convenient for someone to work with one panel, another – with four.

Export of individual groups

Sometimes we need to upload several groups from campaigns to a file and, say, visually assess the correct placement of tags in links. In the old Commander, you can select several groups and export them to a file.

Direct Commander

This is not provided in the new version at the group level.

Direct Commander

The program hangs when clicking the “Select from collection” button

To prevent ad images from becoming boring to the user, we periodically update them. And here, while working with the new Commander, I ran into an unpleasant bug. I fill in new pictures for certain ads, but for others I want to leave the old ones that are already there. And suddenly the program freezes carelessly. It seems that the function of selecting images from a collection is too complicated for her. Be prepared for the Commander to freeze for at least 30 minutes in a similar situation.

Direct Commander

Yes, in the old Commander, uploaded images can also take a long time to load, especially if there are a lot of them. But as a result, we can still choose what we want.

The new version also has a plus: expanding the possibilities of working with banners. They can be added, edited and filled in, which is great.

Case changes

Sometimes it is important to quickly change the case of selected phrases in order to use them later in the ad template.

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With an ad template, you can substitute the keyword phrase that served your ad in the headline, ad text, website link, or display link. Thus, a unique ad is shown for each keyword.

change case

The new version does not have such a tool, which is a pity.

Direct Commander


A wave of user reviews about the new Commander was noticed by the developers, which is a good precedent. Therefore, we are waiting for further improvements in working with the new Direct Commander: after all, the version is not bad, and I have long wanted to switch only to it. But due to a number of nuances, we are forced to return to the old one.

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