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Questions are the best way to get information and understand a specific online promotion tool for your business. However, instead of discussing trivial issues, it is better to spend time delving into business tasks, generating ideas, testing them, analyzing and automating them. To simplify the dialogue between clients and PPC professionals, we have prepared a selection of frequently asked questions and answers to them. We hope it will help you use your time more efficiently.

Why can’t I see my ads?

If we are talking about advertising in search, then check whether you fit the characteristics of your own target audience. That is, does the location, time of the request, your search phrase match the settings specified in the campaign?

Another reason is that ad campaigns may be inactive if you have set limits on the number of impressions or daily budget, and the limits have already been exhausted.

If everything is in order with them, and you still don’t see the ad, the system may have stopped showing it, recognizing you by your IP address. If there are frequent requests from this address, but there are no transitions, the system considers that this advertisement is not of interest to you. Try making a request in incognito mode to get around this limitation.

Also, in rare cases, the account is under internal review by Google, and during this time (up to three business days), ads are automatically paused.

Why advertise for branded queries if I’m already on the first page of search results?

Even if you have a secured trademark, competitors can still use keywords related to your brand and serve their ads. The only restriction for them is not to indicate the name of the trademark in the text.

Therefore, if you are not in the first place of the search results, but only on the first page, you need to use such protection from competitors as brand queries. In addition, by occupying two places in the search results, you increase the likelihood that the user will go to your site.

In addition, image queries help to track attention to the brand and its dynamics, to assess the impact of offline, media or video advertising on the growth of loyalty.

Why are my ads not in the first place?

When a user enters a search query, the system conducts an advertising auction, during which it selects the ads that are suitable for display, as well as the order in which they follow.

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First, keywords and ads that are related to the query are matched. Further, other settings are analyzed, for example, display city or language. The final step is to assess the ad rank, which is influenced by the bid, quality score, expected impression impact, and characteristics of the custom query.

Since the auction occurs every time, and the number of factors affecting the issue is quite large, the ad may be shown in different places or not shown at all.

Yandex and Google ad systems are gradually phasing out position-related metrics. They are being replaced by percentages of impressions at the top of the page. You don’t have to increase your bid to get more impressions at the top of the page – just work on your ads and landing pages in your account.

Specialists usually pay attention to the position in advertising campaigns if there is a drawdown in traffic or if there is a KPI for the number of clicks.

If a specialist is faced with the task of increasing market share or brand awareness, then the first position becomes a must-have – it brings the most visits. But keep in mind that a click on an ad in the first place costs several times more. So make sure your budget allows you to pay more for clicks.

If we are talking about more complex indicators, for example, about the growth of the return on marketing investments, then the best solution would be to conduct A / B testing. With its help, you can understand what is more profitable for your project: the first position with an increase in traffic or impressions are lower in the search results, but at a lower cost per click. A / B tests help you stay competitive by adjusting to market changes, bringing the greatest value to your company.

What guarantees can you provide?

At the beginning of cooperation, an agency or specialist can provide forecasts. Together with them, the boundaries of responsibility and key performance indicators (KPI), for example, the target number of transactions, income or a certain percentage of return on investment, are immediately determined. After a certain period, the results obtained are checked against the target and discussed. So you can roughly estimate how much one attracted client will cost or how much traffic you will receive. But there is no guarantee of getting it.

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Forecasts are based on an audit of existing accounts. For example, you can see the approximate cost per click in a specific topic and adjust it by applying more precise settings. In other cases, data from advertising systems are used: Google Key Planner or Yandex Wordstat.

It takes some time from making a forecast to launching advertising campaigns. During this period, conditions on the market may change: the level of demand, fluctuations in seasonality, new competitors will appear. An experienced specialist can only anticipate some of these factors, so forecast data may differ from actual data.

Why is it so long to wait for the launch, if elsewhere they said they would launch ads in three days?

Before launching an ad, you need to do some prep work, which is more important than just setting up campaigns in your account. It is necessary to dive into the client’s business: study the target audience, work processes, analyze competitors.

Next, suitable tools for promotion are selected, user behavior on the site is analyzed. And only after that does the setup of advertising campaigns begin: from working out semantics and unique texts to writing scripts.

If you skip these steps, then further advertising campaigns will not bring the expected result.

Therefore, when choosing contractors, pay attention that the agency does not have a “conveyor”: a large volume of clients per specialist – in these cases, the priority is the quantity, not the quality of projects. It is better when specialists have the opportunity to immerse themselves in your business processes as deeply as possible. The most valuable thing that an agency can give is not just a high-quality account, but a solution to business problems.

How quickly will orders go after the ad is launched?

It all depends on what topic you work in (services, online shopping, b2b), how customer service is set up and how quickly your audience makes a purchase decision.

If you are engaged in online retail, then applications from advertising can come on the day of launch. If the term for making a purchase decision lasts several days or weeks, then potential buyers will be at different stages and they will need time to compare, think over, which means that purchases will be made after some time.

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For example, when our team was promoting the first Ukrainian mobile bank, we chose the AIDA model, which implies a gradual introduction of the brand to the target audience. Advertising campaigns were launched in turn over the course of four months, completing various tasks: from informing consumers about the new brand to encouraging them to apply for a Monobank card. Accordingly, it could take several months for different clients from starting an advertising campaign to making a decision.

Therefore, when placing contextual advertising, consider your marketing strategy and the decision period by the end consumer.

How do you manage both our account and the accounts of competitors?

Knowledge and accumulated expertise in maintaining accounts of a certain subject can save clients money. Therefore, if the agency already has case studies from your industry, this will be a big plus when planning and running advertising campaigns.

Experts already know what products or brands need to pay attention to, when the season begins, how buyers choose a product, what to expect from Black Friday and other non-obvious details. It will be much easier for a contextual advertising manager to understand the structure of your business. This will save you money on testing creatives, finding the best placement, and testing hypotheses.

However, in this case, clients run the risk of disclosing confidential information. This problem is solved by a non-disclosure agreement (NDA), as well as the reputation of the agency you contacted. Even at the stage of negotiations, you can understand whether it is worth trusting contractors. If they share confidential data of your competitor with you, they can in the same way “leak” information about your business.

Even if you are listed on the same sites as your competitor, this does not mean that the results of advertising campaigns will be the same. The product itself, the way of doing business, positioning and marketing strategy all have a significant impact on the result.


If you are in doubt whether to ask a question to a specialist, it is better to ask. He is directly responsible for the effectiveness of advertising campaigns, therefore, well-established communication between the client and the contractor is important, especially since both have the same goal – business development.

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