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Display campaign planner has disappeared from the new version of the Google Ads interface. More precisely, it is no longer in the Tools tab, but its functionality is still available to advertisers. The eLama evangelist Nikita Kravchenko in his video presented a small guide on where to find the CCM Planner now, and we have prepared a transcript.

Briefly about Display Campaign Planner

Display campaign planner is a Google Ads tool that lets you find and preview sites, YouTube channels, individual videos, and ad apps.

Previously, the advertiser loaded raw data (for example, audience interests, landing page address), and Planner selected targeting and placement options, and also took into account statistics on expenses and performance forecasts. By specifying targeting, filters, bids and budget, it was possible to see the estimated traffic, cost per click. These projections are approximate and could be used as guidelines for planning campaigns on the Display Network.

Previously, to start working with the Planner, you had to go to the “Tools” tab. In the new interface, there is no Scheduler in this tab.

Where to find Planner now

It is no longer possible to use the KMC Planner as a separate tool, but its functions and capabilities have not disappeared. Google has integrated Planner into ad campaign settings. Now you can select suitable sites right during campaign creation without switching between Google Ads and Planner.

Go to the campaign creation mode.

We indicate the purpose and type of the KMS campaign.

Display campaign type

Next, we perform the standard campaign settings: location, languages, bids, budget, etc. In the targeting settings section, click on the item “Targeting in the Display Network”.

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Display Network Targeting

Select “Placements” from the drop-down menu.


Here you can choose suitable sites: sites, channels and videos on YouTube, applications.

Site selection

Enter business-related words or phrases or a landing page address. The system offers suitable site options.

You can go to the proposed sites, see their content in order to understand whether this resource is really suitable for you. Check the required sites, videos, applications and channels with the checkbox.

When you select suitable placements, the system begins to calculate the coverage and performance forecast.

To measure the available impressions, Google relies on the following parameters:

  • location and language;

  • devices;

  • scheduling ad impressions and limiting the frequency of impressions;

  • keywords;

  • categories of sites, mobile applications and placements;

  • Topics;

  • audience (remarketing, interest categories, custom combinations, age and gender);

  • formats and sizes of ads.

The Estimated Performance section contains a forecast for the number and cost of clicks, impressions and CTR. To get this estimate, you need to set the budget in the campaign parameters, and specify the bid in the ad group settings – so the system can rely on financial conditions.

Estimated efficiency

As you can see, the tool has not disappeared and you can use it. With its help, you can set the most accurate targeting to specific sites. Before launching a campaign, you can check the quality and content of these sites to make sure that they are relevant and there will most likely not be an empty click on them.

Use Display Planner and launch successful advertising campaigns.

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