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Advertising type: contextual advertising in Google Ads.

Product: subscriber portal (personal account) of the Internet provider.

Geo targeting: Ukraine (target regions).

Period: May 2019 – August 2019.

In the Google Ads account, advertising campaigns are built according to the funnel and are aimed at different goals.

Subscriber portal funnel


Campaign strategies were optimized across all goals based on the Conversions column at the account level. But such optimization was not effective for the second stage of the funnel, where connections to the loyalty program were needed. There were significantly more logins than connections to loyalty and, in fact, the strategy worked for those conversions, which are more, that is, for logins on the portal.

It is impossible to select directions to different accounts, since they have the same site domain and, according to the rules of Google, accounts can be blocked.


This year it became possible to optimize campaigns for specific goals. This made it possible to select the target conversion in the loyalty program settings.

Selecting a separate goal in the campaign settings
Selecting a separate goal in the campaign settings


We analyzed the results two months after changing the campaign settings. The campaign used the “Target CPA” strategy. Compared two months (May-June) before the changes and two months (July-August) after.

As a result, from July to August, when the campaign was already working with the required conversion, the following results were obtained:

  • The budget remained unchanged.

  • Clicks increased by 5%.

  • CPC hasn’t changed.

  • Loyalty program connections grew by 32.6%.

  • CPA decreased by 24.7%.

  • CR grew by 26.3%.

  • Logins remained unchanged.

Since the number of logins has not changed, we can say that from the same audience, a larger number of users have connected to the loyalty program, which is evidenced by the increase in the conversion rate by 26%.

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The CPA changes are clearly visible in Google Analytics: the increase in conversions has been observed since July with the same budget level.

Dynamics of indicators from May to August 2019 in Google Analytics
Dynamics of indicators from May to August 2019 in Google Analytics


The campaign strategy became more effective in achieving the set goal after choosing only the necessary conversions for optimization.

Google’s innovation allows you to optimize different campaigns for different purposes, which means that advertisers can work more effectively with users at all stages of the funnel: from registering on the website and ending with connecting a specific service or purchasing a product. Try, test and improve your KPIs.

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