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Lease to Own a search engine optimized website and have it found  by your customers on the search engines!   A website designer based in Birmingham, AL will put your business or personal Web design or blog on the Internet more affordably than you ever imagined.   Lease commitment can be for a little as 3 months with automatic 3 month renewals or commit for 24 months and 80% of lease can apply toward purchase. We will customize a website just for you. 

Special occasion online event videos  are a great way to document a special accomplishment, advertise special events, show off collections, create online cards, share your memories, and more.   An audio / song is included to set the mood for the photos and text to walk you through the time frame telling the story you want to provide.  Check out the latest .

No  cookie-cutter  sites
   Your  site  will  be  individual  --  a
reflection  of you.    All our sites are American Made and WE  do  all  the work - all  you need to do is supply the
text and pictures for standout website design    Unlike do-it-yourself  websites   WE  do  all  the  work and the site will look professional  and  be  easy to navigate  - something to be proud of.  And, it will be totally search engine optimized..   We will maintain it or you can do it yourself We create the design then teach you how to keep it up. 

80% of lease payments can be applied toward website purchase at any point in the lease, unlike  the so-called cheap do-it-yourself sites where payments NEVER end!

The main  objective of leasing is to provide companies that have in the past relied on marketing methods other than the Internet with a website that is managed, designed, and most importantly well search engine optimized. The website will be created specifically to the needs of the company with the type of business information it requires. By renting a website, companies have a risk-free way to get their business online.

    Lease A Website- Rent a Website-Graphic Design-Blog Creation

The concept of leasing a website is very similar to that of a business leasing a car.  Because quality websites can be expensive, spreading the cost over time is attractive to businesses that would otherwise opt for an inferior product or contend with the one that they already have.  Web leasing means a business can have the benefits of a professionally designed and fully optimized site without worrying about finding a safe server, writers, SEO programmers, or spending many hours designing, monitoring, and updating a site.

Lease-A-Website.biz is expert at keyword analysis and how to strategically improve your search engine placement. Using innovative and widely accepted Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques, we produce a risk-free search engine marketing campaign. We are your choice of SEO consultants providing the best in search engine optimization services.  

We provide services above and beyond Web design.  Check out our shopping carts, graphics, blog creations, and more.  Why lease a website?


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